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Monday's Quick Start... wallpaper by Famille Summerbelle


A Quick Start with the new wallpapers by Famille Summerbelle... perhaps you saw them already but I love them and don't mind at all showing them at BKids too :)...

Right now I have to finnish my new catergory for the BKids Gift Guide... only handmade gifts for the second part of the Gift Guide which will be live later today ...


..Famille Summerbelle





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Sponsor Spotlight: Tea Collection


Have you seen the new girls pajamas at Tea Collection? They are all very sweet, and I know that I've heard from many of my friends who are parent's about how hard it is to find good pajamas, so I was excited to show them these. Of course there are awesome pajamas for boys as well.

Here is what I am currently crushing on over at Tea ::

For Girls and Boys


For Baby Girls and Boys


..Tea Collection.. 

ps. We would like to wish you a wonderful weekend already...BKids is going to have a long weekend, but we will be back on Monday with many nice finds. Tiffany & Irene

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Category: Spotlight

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Giveaway: wall art from White Alligator Design


Welcome White Alligator Design, we're happy that you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: Your choice of either a 24x24 wall art print in frogs or flowers!

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, what is the most inspiring art project or art exhibit you have experienced with your child?


White Alligator Design is the creation of Leslie and Julie, two women that wanted to create contemporary art and home accessories for kids!

..White Alligator Design..
..White Alligator Design's Blog..

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED: The winner is Lisa - congratulations!!

If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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Gift Guide 2011 : for Babies only


Talking to my mom on the phone yesterday convinced me that I am NOT TOO early with starting the BKids Gift Guide series for this year :):) ... while I was thinking 'do we have to start already thinging Christmas'... there she is very happy telling me how she already started preparing and completely looking forward celebrating this festive time of the year.

I hope you are happy with this kick-off too and more important I hope this Gift Guide will help you find the perfect gift for any child in your life...

Today we start with the first category: gifts for the Baby curated by my wonderful team memmber Tiffany King.

Nine more categories will follow in the next four weeks... so stay tuned!           Read More>>>


BKids Gift Guide 2011


We made a seperate webpage for the Gift Guide 2011 right here. On the sidebanner you will find the sponsors of the Gift Guide, all specialised in great products for children. Would be great if you could visit them too.

fam.storeecojot le train fantome scoops Ladedah kids nouncee ook in het paars pingouin de le space tulipandi White Alligator Wild Dill Everbloom South is Blooming Couverture Laulicious tulp kids greengenes Mini and Maximus Little Basics Orphan Socks Pepper and Buttons esthex pichouline Petite Treats miki miette ace commune

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Category: XmasGifts2011

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Banners for the Gift Guide


{ Image above banner design: Paper collage by Mirthe Blussé...}

A bit later today I will share with you the first category of the BKids Gift Guide 2011. But let me start with showing you the banner designs that were submitted to my call two weeks ago. It was difficult for me to choose which banner I liked best, you need to scroll down in this post to found out who the winner is... what would have been your choice?

A BIG thank you to all who took the time and create something special for BloesemKids!


 Illustrated by Loes Jongerling...                                                                More Banners>>>



Illustrated by Steph Becker...


Illustrated by Rani Leoson Samuelsson...


and these paper-cuts from Greetje Aalders.

But the WINNER I have choosen is Jessica Nielsen and would you like to see how her beautiful banner looks like in the Gift Guide 2011 then click here or here or for the Bloesem Gift Guide 2011 here.


..Bloesem Gift Guide 2011
..Bkids Gift Guide 2011

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Sponsor Spotlight: a Christmas Tree from BrightStar Kids


Slowly the Holiday Season is starting and I know many of you are still doing all sorts of preparations for Halloween and while you are in the midst of doing this it is perhaps fun to think of a different way of setting up a tree this year... or NOT setting up a tree but hanging it on your wall. Not only a great space saver, also very eco-friendly and safe, especially when you have young children.

This easy to remove and re-use Christmas tree comes from Bright Star Kids. An online shop specialising in wall decals, name labels and very handy tags useable througout the whole house. READ MORE>>>

I also like the Eiffel tower very much, see the picture below, so many things you can do with this tower to give any room an extra touch.


..Bright Star Kids.

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