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Cadja ceramics you will love!



Hello lovely readers, do you like these gorgeous ceramic little lights just as much as I do? It was again the 'super spotter of nice things' Deborah from Kickcan&Conkers that brought these lovelies to my attention. Perhaps you have seen the ceramic hangers below already somewhere in blogland, but I guess it doesn't do you any harm showing them to you again :)...


The only information I have about these ceramic pieces is that they are available via Serendipty, a French online shop and that they were made by Cadja. If you have more info please feel free to leave a comment!


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Category: Accessories | Kidsrooms

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Sponsor Spotlight: Tea Collection


I love Fall and even Winter, so I can't say that seeing warmer clothing makes me excited, but I can admit that I do love seeing it. Spring and Summer clothing has such a lovely softness about it, everything seems bright and airy. It makes me wish I was on vacation, but since that isn't possible right now - I'll just daydream while browsing through Tea Collection's new arrivals. My picks (above) can be found here and here.


You can find these here and here.

..Tea Collection..

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Category: Spotlight

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Craft projects on Tuesday


{diy mini stamp book...}

Sometimes you forget to see what you already have... that is why today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Craft Projects from the past years that were posted on BKids.

Just click on the images below to find the specific instructions for the projects... have fun creating!


scrap paper pictures...


apple placemats...


play money...


alphabet poster...


custom wall hook...


watercolour resist painting...

Other Craft Projects.

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Category: Craft Projects

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Quick Start... 'beautiful around the world'


..... Gong Xi Fa Cai = Happy Chinese New Year ......

yes I know I am one day late, but I was 'also' celebrating my 40th Birthday yesterday! 

And it was a super beautiful day, enjoying some time in Singapore with my three men. Thank you all who left messages on my facebook page and twitter!

I thought these pillows by 'beautiful around the world' are very appropriate to celebrate Chinese New Year here on BKids. My dear friend Yvonne Kusters who lives in Kuala Lumpur but is Dutch from origine has founded her Beautiful Bag company already some years ago and recently she has added these happy pillows to the collection.

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Category: Quick Start

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Mom Story: Amy from Little Alouette


{Photo Credit :: Karen Walrond}

Amy Turn Sharp has got to be one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. She owns the awesome Little Alouette and lucky for us, she is doing a Mom Story today. Let's find out more about Amy, shall we...

This week's Mom Story with Amy Turn Sharp...

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Category: Mom stories

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some things I liked last week...




the colors in this room, via odette &manon...                             MORE >> MORE >>


This t-shirt and prints by Atelier Beau Travail...


this paper-doll calendar from Tiny-us...



and this giveaway over at Bloesem...

Happy weekend dear All!

xoxo irene

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