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Craft project: colored Easter eggs

Tuesday, 3 April 2012 by Irene Hoofs


Here's perhaps the easiest craft project you can think of. But my 3 year old son loved it. When it comes to Holidays I am pretty old-fashioned and coloring of eggs with Easter is a simple must in my family :) I remember growing up and doing this with my mom and no w I am happy to do it wiht my sons.. It doesn't matter whether the eggs are not evenly colored... most important is to let your kids do it and let them have fun playing with the colors ~ irene

Would you like to see and know how we did it?... just click here for this weeks craft project.

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I love these vibrant and rich colors, the blue and green are just gorgeous.

Hello Irene, thank you for the great post!
I have never experienced coloring eggs since we don't have Easter in Japan. But now we live in the Netherlands and
when I saw this post, I immediately tried for the first time coloring eggs with my 3 year old son!
I used icing gel instead of coloring powder. (it is just because the gel is cheaper) It turned out so beautiful! (http://sooona.exblog.jp/18102281/)
We love it! Have a nice Easter weekend!


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