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Fashion Story with Roos from Broer&Zus

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 by Irene Hoofs


Fashion Story with Roos from Broer&Zus

F: Fashion is Fashion makes me happy. I love it to find special new brands which are not known yet. I can feel the difference if clothes are made with love, with taste and knowledge of design and fabrics. Fashion is timeless, if you buy quality clothes you can keep them for a long period of time and it’s worth it.


Read the rest of the interview and see many more images ...

Roos Living-room,-my-youngest-daugter-Kim,-photo-on-the-wall-also-made-by-my-sister-Flower-Fox-fotostudio My-supporting-and-lovely-family-at-the-Stella-Mc-Cartney-showroom-in-Antwerpen Children-wear-patterns-in-an-old-book-of-my-mum Details-of-the-Broer-&-Zus-collection     

Drawingsdaughters In-my-showroom-offices-some-details Posters-of-the-Broer-&-Zus-collection-2012-in-my-showroom Some-coffee-cups-I-bought-on-a-flea-market-in-the-south-of-France Knittedwear



A: Accessories are important because they fresh up clothes, they add new colours and identity to your wardrobe. If you buy a new nice scarf or bag you’ll fresh up your winter coat from last year!

S: Starting our brand was When I was 6 years old, I already started to make my own clothes. This is really what I’ve always loved to do. When I got two daughters I followed my dream, I begun a childrens clothes store in Amsterdam and started my own brand Broer & Zus (Dutch for brother & sister). With my brand, I try to keep the shapes simple and good, I look for appealing prints and use high quality fabrics and knitted wear. The clothes must be comfortable for the children to play in. 



H: Home to me is were everything comes together; family, inspiration, taste, relaxing

I: Icons in fashion are to me are Paul Smith: it’s great how he has given a new style to Men’s wear with the use of beautiful and  wearable fabrics. I love the way he uses special details like striped socks for each foot a different stripe and things like that.  Isabel Marant: I love her fabrics and designs. Her style is natural and feminin.  Pucci: such beautiful prints, I think he has inspired a lot in fashion design. Orly Kiely, beautiful simple shapes with the best colours combined. Simple Kids and Morley for children, their use of colours and fabrics is so lovely and inspiring.



O: Over the years we have learned that the most important thing is my family is happy and  healthy.  For me it’s also important to try to do what I really like to do, take all changes, let’s do it!

N: New ideas often arise when I wake up  in the morning. I try to remember them, sometimes I will sometimes they disappear. Children also inspire me, especially my daughters. I also love to travel visiting cities, reading magazines, watching movies and visiting musea.



S: Style means to me I like to mix styles, a romantic tunic with a jeans and sneakers. There must be a certain tension, not everything exactly in the same style. Children are very pure in their own style, especially when they are young. They have their own taste, which is very strong and not very depending of trends etc. I think this is very inpiring and makes me happy. They mix everything together. Which can be very suprising sometimes.

T: trade-fairs we like to go to are? Playtime Paris because here you’ll find all small innovative European fresh brands, made out of an idea not because of commercial goals.


O: Orders, our breakthrough order came when we started making jerseys with appealing prints, it´s still developing and growing. I have a lot of new ideas and want to grow with the brand.

R: Returning trends in fashion are I am not so aware of trends, yellow is a strong colour now and next year also. I love to use this colour for children. So happy and fresh.


Y: Years from now we will focus on the growth and expand of our label Broer & Zus. Soon I will design my own prints on fabrics and I am also working on a new more international label. Six 3rd year students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute are working on a special project now for Broer & Zus and the new label, so great!!

Thank You Roos from Broer&Zus



..Broer & Zus

All images are by Flower Fox Studio.

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Fun place you have - wonderful colors and I love those blue green porcelain.

We love the colors and the stuff in your pictures, very inspiring!

Wat een mooie foto's en wat een mooie dochters én die flesjes met dat gehaakte randje!!! Heel mooi allemaal, groetjes Hester en Marielle (van House of Dots)

BroerenZus.... Een merk met zoveel moois in kleur
en materiaal!!
Gauw naar de website!!

A lovely interview and peek into Roos' life, thank you! I agree that children really do know what they want (picking out their own outfits), they know instinctively which color(s) to go for and their selections are often just perfect!

working with the family in what you like, getting inspired by your daughters...sounds wonderful

The story, the clothing, the photos, the person behind it all is fabulous! Loved and enjoy this!

leuk dit, broer en zus was altijd een favoriet adres in Amsterdam en de eigen lijn vind ik prachtig.


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