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Mom Story: Lisa from Fabriko


Today's Mom Story is with Lisa Eriksson, she is the owner and creator of FABRIKO - a Swedish brand for interior design and accessories for children. Lisa has a lovely story to share, so let's get to it.

This week's Mom Story with Lisa Eriksson...

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Category: Mom stories

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Monday's quick start: rafa kids



Hip hip hurray! Its time to celebrate!

Rafa-kids: modern children furniture is ready for you to have a look at their amazing Bunk beds for toddler and kids... brothers and sisters. The website is open....so go!




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Category: Furniture for kids

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affordable ads


I would like to share with you some sponsor information.

B:Kids now offers small size ads like the ones above for very affordable prices. Would you like to receive our media kit than please email me. Thanks for your support.

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some things I liked last week...



these lovely printables for free at wild olive...


these mobiles by puka puka...

Tantesuzie Mokkasin  Designforminikind   


these birthday onvitations for boys at tante suzie...


the world over at mokkasin...


and the opening of DesignforMinikind...

Happy happy weekend and for all the Dutchies... I wish you a wonderful long weekend and a super orange Queensday bal ... xoxo irene see you back next week hopefully!

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Let's Talk Soft Toys


I've never been a shabby chic kind of lady, but I have to admit these sweet soft toys by annapavlovna are hard to pass up. They have a fabulous vintage quality to them, and though they are not meant to be played with - they would look darling as decoration in a babies room. Each soft toys is hand stitched and embroidered. Anna and Kate are the owner's behind annapavlovna, and I especially like the soft color palette they have chosen when creating their soft toys.


Another set of soft toys that I am liking (pictured below), also not for playing with, but for adding sweet and simple touches to a room - are by Wassupbrothers (now that's a name!). 


Olga, the owner of Wassupbrothers uses recycled materails to create her soft toys, and natural dyes when coloring fabric. I especially love the little scene's Olga creates for her handmade toys. - Tiffany King




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We are going on vacation with Amanda de Beaufort from Coos And Ahhs


We are Going on Vacation with Amanda de Beaufort from Coos And Ahhs

and we are we going to...
Typically our big summer vacation is to Colombia, where my husband is from, but since we have a baby girl due at the end of May we are staying close this year, just up to my parent’s lake house in New Hampshire.
Who are you bringing along?
The whole clan!

Where do you stay?
When we got to Colombia we split our time between my mother-in-law’s house in the outskirts of Bogotá and my brother in-law’s house in La Candelaria, the historic district in downtown Bogotá. Both are so different but extremely beautiful.

P1050555  IMG_5574 P1050463

How do you get there?
We fly. Jetblue just starting flying to Bogotá a few years ago, but we usually end up flying American Airlines.

What do you bring?
People hear South America and think hot. Bogota is at 8,000 + feet above sea level in middle of the Andes Mountains, so the weather is all over the place. It goes from pouring rain to super sunny to cloudy then repeat. You have to pack lots of layers—a few warm sweaters, scarves and a medium weight jacket for everyone—not matter what time of year you visit. It gets quite cold at night, so we always bring long john jammies for our son and even a sweater or wearable blanket since most of the older homes (the ones we stay in) have no heat beyond a big fireplace—it’s pretty rustic.
We also always bring a kit of meds, which I think everyone does when traveling to a third world country, but especially Benadryl in case the kids get altitude sickness—so far no issues! Other than that a big suitcase to fill up with local goodies.

What can the kids bring?
Good shoes for navigating the cobble stone streets and an umbrella.
Where do you usually search for travel ideas?
I like Kayak for booking airtravel and Jetsetter for finding 5 star hotels at a discount.
Any travel tips?
Stay flexible and relaxed when traveling with kids-- there is always something. Keep it simple, don’t bring a giant diaper bag, a few books (new ones!) stickers, snacks and an iphone or ipad and you are set.
Parents always ask me about bringing a car seat and stroller when travelling—especially to NYC. I say, even though it’s a mega schlep, bring both items since you can check them for free on the plane and it’s better to have them and not use it than wish you had brought them.

What are must-see places in the world according to you?
That’s hard. I feel like it’s a very personal thing. For me the important places that I have visited are Sweden, Paris, Berlin, New York (my home now) Puerto Rico and I hope to make it to Asia!

..Coos And Ahhs

All images by Amanda de Beaufort

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Category: Travel

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