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Giveaway: animal puppets by Mow Objetos

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 by Irene Hoofs


Welcome Mow Objetos, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: an adorable hand drawn collection of animal puppets by Mow Objetos.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, which animal in the collection is your favorite and why?


Manuela is the creator behind Mow Objetos, and she currently resides in Madrid. You can learn more about her, at her blog.

..Mow Objetos

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Jolien, Congratulations!! If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret - because another one is happening right now.

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I really like the lion and bunny designs,but they are all great!

Hola Manuela !! llegamos tarde ??? gracias por avisarnos, pero estamos a tope y el mail tan lleno que lo leemos ahora... lo siento...
Bueno, no recuerdo cual es el favorito de Clara, pero creo que la buhita Olga jejej
El mio es Luisa. Adoro los osos. Y sus colores son tan lindos, tan suaves y calidos. Me produce tranquilidad. Ademas estoy loca con los triangulos y su "modelito" es lo mas ;)
Unbesito !!!
Suerte a todos !!!


Love lthe lion Lucas. He has stolen my heart since the first day! But you cant explain love....

I have browsed on Manuela's page and defenitely I adore her dolls pupets, probably because I make dolls too, but if I have to choose an animal pupet, that are wonderful, I would choose Nicolas the rabbit because I love his cheeky face.

I have browsed on Manuela's page and defenitely I adore her pupets dolls, probably because I make dolls myself, but if I have to choose an animal pupet, that are wonderful too, I would choose Nicolas the rabbit because I love his cheeky face.

I love Dante the elephant. The bright colours are beautiful!

It must be the lion, lovely colours :-)

Three of my girls are born in August so the lion is the cutest to me!

Olga Owl with the baby is so cute ! Love the colors too.
Definitely my favorite :)

Tellement jolis! M'y favorite si the cute owl, because it's just my favorite animal in the world ! And i've a few babies friends to give these wonderful giveaway.

The lion is a personal fave (I'm a Leo) but the bunny and bear are adorable, too. I could see any of them being happy in the bedroom of my sister's new baby, due in July!

'ROAR', this lion can definitely wake up my sleepy daughter in the morning!

I love Olga Owl-she's very cute and would fit in my son's nursery perfectly!

So lovely! Definitely the little Lion- we love to "Rah" in our house!

Oh my goodness, how to choose a favorite. The bunny, the elephant, the bear, the owl. These are fabulous!

Mi preferida sin duda es Olga. Ella y yo compartimos algo maravilloso. Olga igual que yo lleva a su chiquitin todo el día consigo protegiéndolo con sus alitas.

Además, es de un azulito que a mi nene le encantaría.

I love Nicolas!!!! I like the bright colour and the funny face.

I love the elephant. The colours are great!

I love Nicolás, the rabbit, because he was able to eat all those carrots!

Really, all are great!!


lucas lion! lovelly!!!!

I think I love Nicolas (sorry for the ommission of the accent, my iphone doesn't know how!) the bunny bedt, because of the color and the geometrical triangles, but in fact I think there all gorgeous. Luisa beat might be the runner up.

Although Dante is great ( couldn't be otherwise with such a name!) I already have it! Definitely my second favorite is the rabbit..it's so cute! I like the colors and those big ears...love it!

I wish I can have the rabbit. Hmmm it now on my wishlist.

I love Olga Owl, nice with the baby, just like me and my babyboy from 3 weeks...

they are all WONDERFUL... what a difficult choice!!! Nicolas, the rabbit is simply adorable with his funny and playful ears. CONGRATS for such amazing collection, great colours and superb design!!!!!!!!!!

Really difficult to choose only one of them..., but MR. NICO RABBIT is my favourite, I love his teeth!!

I love Nicolás, the rabbit, because he was able to eat all those carrots!

Really, all are great!!

Looove that lion - fierce and cute, just like my 3YO :-)

The colors of Mr elephant remind me of summer, spring, joy, holidays, ...

If I have to choose one, then Lucas the lion. Love the colors and the kind expression in his face. My kids love these kinds of toys. In Norwegian, we call them sprellemenn. No clue how to translate that ;-)

I love that rabbit!! Looks like he's got a bit of sass. The colors on all of these are beautiful!

I really love the colors in the bunny and his funny little ears.

Hippity-Hoppie One. Two. Three.
Send that (orange) Bunny home to me!
Nicolas, I love you. . .

♥ Oooh, LUISA BEAR, for sure! I LOVE the pattern and the colors. We can't whait to give her a warm welcome. Come on over here :-) ♥

Love Olga Owl - so cute with the baby in the mama's arms!

I love sweet Olga, the mama owl. But what is her baby's name? We'll have to come up with a good name for the baby if she comes to live at our house!!

I absolutely fell in love with Lucas the Lion! The colors would match my daughter's room... :)

Lucas lion is my favorite - love the colors and he looks a bit like my son ;)

Lucas the Lion is by far my favorite...he seems so gentle and loving yet quite playful!

I absolutely love Nicolas, the bunny! Definitely something to be hidden from my toddler and framed instead :-)


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