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On Pinterest: 'Kids Rooms' by Philomeen Kaan


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 Just some beautiful kids rooms today to inspire you and perhaps give you some decoration ideas ... I found the all at Philomeen Khaan's pinterest boards... a Mom from the Netherlands who blogs here and here for moodkids...

..B:Kid's pinterest boards

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Monday's quick start: Famille Summerbelle's new book


I would like to start this week by congratulating the Famille Summerbelle with the publication of their first book: "Be Creative with Famille Summerbelle", a collaboration with the Japanese publisher édition Paumes.

The book is a peak inside their home and family life. It includes tips and inspiration for handmade ideas and inspiring home decor. It, of course, includes plenty of paper cutting and fun activities to do with your children.... so what are you waiting for ... treat yourself and your family of a small gift and pre-order this wonderful right here...


.famille Summerbelle
..édition Paumes
..Be Creative with Famille Summerbelle


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Craft project: message wall stickers



Vacation time and perhaps your kids have no idea what to do all day... how about creating some fun message wall stickers with them in any desired shape. This week Véronique from Pichouline made these happy balloons and a great  jewelry-messagehanger.

Would you like to know how to make them and what kind of materials you need than click here and head over to the BKids' craft projects page...

..other craft projects


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kleine fabriek a short report :: part 2


Roos from broer&zus shared her stand with French label Emile et Ida. And I was happily surprised by their what I call a 'sweet but cool' collection ... and I just have to mention that the women that I met here were definetly the most positive and happy ... great energy!



Not only fashion for kids at de kleine fabriek ... my favorite publisher from the Netherlands was present too. Claudette and Annemarieke from Snor Publisher gave me this fun Voucher Book for women ... do you recognise the illustrations? Yes they are by Sandra Isaksson aka ISAK. A great gift for every Mom!



Last year I received a copy of the Vier&Versier Kalender 2012 and we use it a lot in our home, I was told by Rianne van Essen from Gezinnig that the 2013 version is even going to be better... I now only hope the calendar will soon be available in English too.


A great idea in a beautiful way executed are the Milestone Baby Cards. For every important event in a child's first year a different card beautifully illustrated by Beci Orpin. Just fill in the date and a little note and you will always remember when these special moments took place.



A pop-up shop at the kleine fabriek from a new 'online' stationery shop. A very good collection of all things we love so much...


To be honest I had a great time visiting the kleine fabriek. It was my first time and perhaps my expectations were a bit high... I thought it was a bit quite and not very lively. But I believe all the trade fairs nowadays are more quite due to ongoing economic problems many European countries are having. Only one or two brands were new to me and I missed seeing stands for kids decoration and furniture. But I did see a lot of high street fashion wear and jeans ... a lot of jeans. I do have to say that the organizers had done a great job welcoming us and would like to thank Sabine Heideveld in particular.

All images by me, Irene from B:Kids.

..kleine fabriek

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kleine fabriek a short report :: part 1


Already two weeks ago I visited the kleine fabriek, the best trade-fair for kids fashion and accessories in the Netherlands. Luckily not only Dutch brands were present also international labels like Rosie Flo's colouring books and Dwell studio were there. Engel certainly had an eye-catching stand. The colorful garlands and beautiful new paper mobiles certainly draw me to their booth.


The new collection by kidscase is just Awesome! I really Loved everything, beautiful colors and the materials used are so fine, delicate and perfect for little children. I have written before about kidscase here on BKids but it was nice meeting the owner/founder of kidscase Jacqueline van Nieuwkerk in person this time.




Unfortunately, when I arrived at the stand from broer&zus, Roos, the owner had just left. I was really hopeing to meeting her, becasue we have had such nice contact over email during the last couple of years and had heard that she is just a very warm and friendly person. Perhaps you remember her Fashion Story here on BKids... hopefully we meet next time.



Part 2 of my report later today ...

All images by me, Irene from B:Kids.

..kleine fabriek

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We are going on vacation with Irene from BloesemKids


"Dear readers: I am so very sorry for this long silence! It wasn't planning on being offline for such a long time. I came to the Netherlands about 10 days ago and the places where we were staying were without internet connection (!)... perhaps a good thing for this online addict because it allowed me to fully enjoy being with my family and some time off. Last Thursday we flew to Spain and this image was taken of me yesterday, enjoying a marvellous late lunch in a wonderful restaurant in Romanya de la Selva near Girona.... so today a bit more about my vacation in Spain..."

We are Going on Vacation with me, Irene from BloesemKids

and we are we going to...
LLagostera in Spain at the beautiful Costa Brava. I was 4 years old when I came here for the first time and I still love it! The beaches and rocky coast line are just amazing and the country side is gorgeous too... 

Who are you bringing along?

My husband Rik and our two boys, Lode and Kiet (6 and 3 years old).



LodekietplayingWhere do you stay? 

We stay at a house that my parents bought long ago. It has been renovated a couple of times but still feels very much like home. Going on vacation to a real home works very well for me... we have never been the camping types... I think that is because we've been roaming the globe for years and coming 'home' while on vacation just feels great.... down time with the family, living easy...

How do you get there?
By plane from the Netherlands and while in Spain we drive a super cute Ford convertible ... yes, you can call it an oldtimer...



What do you bring?

too much … always too much, including my work and I should not be doing that!

Any travel tips?

I always bring things-to-do books for my boys that we use during flights and traveling. I enjoy making puzzles with them or other easy games like travel bingo. This year I brought a Dutch book called…Vakantie Klets (=Holiday Talk) by gezinning and it worked perfectly. While Kiet was sleeping on my lap Lode and I worked our way through this book and had lots of fun chatting with each other and writing the pages. It is already a nice keep safe book that will always remind me of his vacation .

What are must-see places in the world according to you?

The Costa Brava… The rough beach side and the spectaular little villages that bring you back to the middle ages...



I will try to be back later today with some more images from the beach at parafrugell where we are heading right now for a late lunch at the beach in a restaurant called Tragamar.


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