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on pinterest: 'shoes' by JustbyManon

Thursday, 11 October 2012 by Irene Hoofs


{1. marque italienne 2. golden goose 3. bisgaard in yellow 4. via 5. handmade baby 6. ballerina 7. bisgaard}

Being raised by a father who had is own shoe company for kids probably explains my passion for shoes .... I also know how hard it is to design a good and nice looking shoe ... especially for boys (how to make them different). Kids shoes need to be practical, nice fitting and made with safe materials, just think about the glue, buttons, small pieces that children like to put in their mouth ... so many things you need to think of when making shoes for children ... when I saw the pinterest board from JustByManon dedicated totally to shoes for kids I just had to share my favorites with you.

Manon writes a Dutch blog about kids fashion which is absolutely worth visiting right here.



..Shoes on pinterest by JustByManon

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