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This is the Season to Giveaway

Friday, 19 October 2012 by Irene Hoofs


It's Friday and we have a new giveaway on our Facebook page. With winter at our doorstep I know many of you will be very happy with a pair of these super nice looking indoor slippers from Collégien. 

I think I might just travel somewhere cold just so I can use a pair. There's so many colors and fun prints to choose from. But starting today, lucky lucky Bloesem readers will get their chance to win these. 

What you can win this week:: 2 pair indoor slippers from Collégien .. one pair for an adult
+++ one pair for a child!

What you have to do :: Just follow this link to our facebook page giveaway and follow the steps.  Bkids_Collegien1

The lucky winner will be chosen at random on October 26 and announced on the Facebook page.

Good Luck! ps. We hope you will LIKE our FB page. ~ Irene and Sufiya



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Thank you for explaining your point of view again. Like I said before I am a multiracial mom too and know all about the history of African people from my own family. This image is not offending me, my multiracial kids or my Afro/Black husband. Of course I find it very troublesome that a reader of BKids like you feels offended by it and it taught me to be even more careful when choosing pictures and content for my blogs.

My best, Irene

Hi Irene,
In the US, this is considered an offensive portrayal of Black/African people, linked to historically racist imagery such as the illustrations of the "Little Black Sambo" book, stereotyped mammies, etc. There are so, so many beautiful, realistic brown-skinned dolls, children's books, and other positive imagery for Black and brown children available now that it distresses me that we are somehow still falling back on old simplistic images that carry negative baggage for so many.

Dear Natascha, I apologize if you feel offended by the image?

My name is Irene and I am the founder of the Bloesem blogs and a mom of a multiracial family too with roots from Suriname to Barbados and West Africa! My husband's response to your comment is: "I wish more dolls and toys would have been black/brown when I was young - so I would not have felt so different!!!" ... he was the only dark skin colored boy with afro hair in the village he grew up in the Netherlands.

I also discussed the picture with Sufiya, who created this post for Bloesem and she is Malaysian ... born with a beautiful brown skin color and she didn't understand why you could feel offended by this image.

I can assure you Collegien and my blogs are about making this world more beautiful and NOT to divide it into black&white groups!


I've been a follower for years, but as a multiracial mom to four multiracial kids, that first image is totally racist. I would never feature it on my blog, or buy anything from a company that makes or sells such items. Are there any people of color on staff here??

Brilliant!Love the concept of these beauties.Would love to win Hardi - Losange and Slipper Socks Gipsy...So many good ones,hard to choose!!


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