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Etsy gift ideas for little girls

Monday, 3 December 2012 by Irene Hoofs


[1. Khaki wonder tent by Such Great Hights; 2. The mini tiara by TheMiniatureKnitShop; 3. Wooden flower pendant by nihamaj; 4. Deer print by tinyfawn; 5. Red Orange bear by HermanMarie; 6. Felt flower garland by islacorbett.]

First Etsy Gift guide is for the girls. "If I were still a young girl, I would dream of decorating my room with these items. That flower garland is one of my personal favorites" Irene. We definitely love these simple yet beautiful products. Handmade things are always Bkid's favorite. The felt flower garland is sadly unavailable at the moment, but if you search 'flower garland for kids' on Etsy there are so many lovely ones too. Enjoy friends! 


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Cute :) I like it !!

Love this grouping! I am honored that Edie is included. Thank you!

Tiny Fawn

Thank you so much for the mention, good news, flower garlands are back in stock..

Isla x


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