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Giveaway : Two necklaces from my shop Bloesem Wear

Monday, 24 June 2013 by Irene Hoofs


What Two of you can win this week :: I will be giving away (two) pearls necklace from my Bloesem Wear collection. The necklace is made of 11 freshwater pearls rated AA+. Threaded together with beautiful off-white Italian cotton from Carta inc. An adjustable 'doggie' closing with 2 golden beads suitable for girls between 4-12.

Two readers will win one of these necklaces: ... pearls with a cashmere cotton pompom or (your choice) pearls with a linen flower.

What you have to do :: Just leave a comment below and let us know which necklace from Bloesem Wear is your favorite.

You have a second chance to win if you re-pin the Top Image to your own Pinterest boards using #BloesemWearGiveaway

Winner will be announced here on B:Kids on Tuesday 2 July.

I love the classic feel of pearls ... but believe stringing them onto a modern cord will make them more perfect for girls ... I often wear pearls, a simle white blouse, some jeans and a rope size necklace of pink pearls .. you can't go wrong!

Pearls for you that fit perfectly with these girl necklaces are the Italian Cotton roped pearls necklaces. Would be so nice to see mama and daughter wear the same ... if only I had a girl :)

Winners are: Tess and Leila




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