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Some favorite toys in our house

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 by Irene Hoofs


Seeing your kids play and having fun is probably one of the nicest parts of being a parent. Their imagination, their way of 'embracing the moment' is something we grown ups re-learn by reading books about it ... they just do this naturally.

When we arrived in our Amsterdam apartment last summer I promised my boys to buy them a box of KAPLA, something I couldn't find here in Singapore. And I haven't regret it at all ... it is just an excellent toy. They learn something from it and they can use it in so many ways. I even brought it back home here with us to SG. Of course playmobil is and will always be a favorite in our house.

What are toys you really like and perhaps recommend for a Christmas or Sinterklaas present?





ps. no this is not a sponsored post ... just something about my family that I like to share with you :)

All images by me, Irene Hoofs, founder Bloesem blogs.


.. playmobil


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adorable photos :)

Thanks Linda, that is a great idea!

Kapla & Playmobil are also favourites here. Together with the big Grimms rainbow & a favourite for big and small kids: the trampoline!

maybe add some 'real' stuff in it. Go outside and try and find some nice stones, branches or moss.. Things like that and then combine with the playmobile and kapla... My boy loves that!

We love Kapla and Playmobil too in our house!! (Lovely photos Irene!!) xxx

Same bed, same toys - happy day!


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