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PLAY Singapore Design Graduates

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 by Irene Hoofs
Bloesem Kids | Design Graduates NUS Singapore 2013

Let me tell you about the pool of very talented design students here in Singapore! Just recently I met Zara who now helps me with the Bloesem blogs for a couple of hours per day ... today her first post about prints and patterns is live on BLiving.

Zara recently graduated from NUS, Division of Industrial Design and she told me about PLAY.

Over a course of 11 weeks fellow students of Zara explored the act of play and meaningfully introduced play into a series of various contexts. Each project, not mere toys, is an investigation into designs that bring out refreshing play experiences. The students were led by Clement Zheng and Studio Juju.

Minimals in the image above is a family of animals reduced to their most identifiable characteristics captured in a 5 x 5 x 5 cm wooden cubes. Potato Play hopes to bring back our mischievousness of playing with food back in the days when we were children.

Bloesem Kids | Design Graduates NUS Singapore 2013


Bloesem Kids | Design Graduates NUS Singapore 2013

Bloesem Kids | Design Graduates NUS Singapore 2013

Bloesem Kids | Design Graduates NUS Singapore 2013

Luma is a series of toy vehicles that shine and leaving glowing trails in the dark.

Doors:  Inspired by "A Door to Another World", DOORS is designed to evoke the imagery of various animal dwellings and how a wonderland may exists behind these dwellings.

Up in the air is about visual playfulness through stacking bold shapes and colors to create various seating and table heights.

Zig Zig is a children's tee shirt that magically transforms into imaginative landscapes.

Bloesem Kids | Design Graduates NUS Singapore 2013

Bloesem Kids | Design Graduates NUS Singapore 2013


Bloesem Kids | Design Graduates NUS Singapore 2013

Bloesem Kids | Design Graduates NUS Singapore 2013


Hidie Hut ... "Walking into a life-size story..." This is what HIDIE HUT wants children to experience.

Water drums is a drum set that floats on water.

Pop Up  is a life-sized pop-up book for children. By a simple flip, a flat space instantly transformed into a colourful landscape of geometric shapes and interesting forms.

Rock & Roll  explores play in the form of motion. It mimics movements that children are familiar with, creating an avenue of play for them.

None of the above products are ready for sale yet ... they are all prototypes. But would you be interested in working with one of the designers or offer them a hand in producing one of the above gorgeous designs please DO ! You can find the correct email addresses on the webpages by following the links i have given in this post.

Cheers and well done Singapore Talents!


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Wow!! SO glad to have found your blog- such beautiful toys and ideas for kids! I'm trying to click through to them to pin and share with our Facebook followers at The Inspired Treehouse, but none of the links are working (all coming up Page Not Found). Would love to know how to find the original sources for these! Thank you!

Love it all! Thanks for sharing!

Great! I really love these designs. Thanks for sharing!