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Eden & Zoe

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Kids | Eden & Zoe Cashmere

Last week we received a surprise package with what seems to be the softest, most luxurious pieces of clothing ever. Our lovely friends over at Eden & Zoe sent over a few of their cashmere pieces and everyone is in love with them. Sadly the blanket would be too small for an adult to cuddle in and the clothes would never fit us (maybe just one of our arms?).

But! For everyone and anyone with a daughter, this is for you!

You wouldn't ever be able to tell (and we were shocked to find out) but each of the small collections Eden & Zoe carries is made up of pure cashmere pieces, which are all created using a hand-operated knitting machine and then finished by hand. We are officially impressed.

Bloesem Kids | Eden & Zoe Cashmere

Bloesem Kids | Eden & Zoe Cashmere

(... you have to click for more and enjoy Zara's fantastic styling for this shoot after the break and see the rest Eden & Zoe's very beautiful collection ... and if I wasn't lucky enough she also took the images. I am very proud of her and super happy she is part of the Bloesem Team)

Bloesem Kids | Eden & Zoe Cashmere

Bloesem Kids | Eden & Zoe Cashmere

Bloesem Kids | Eden & Zoe Cashmere

If comfort is your main concern when purchasing clothing for your princesses, then it isn't really even a concern in this case. The pieces are so soft and well-made, no more  "itchy" knitwear problems, which can really be an issue when bundling up in the cold seasons. Also cashmere is natural and breathable, perfect for children's wear. Plus the stretchiness of the pieces allow for comfortable stretching and play, which we all know is very important for every child.

.. Eden & Zoe

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