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Bedroom Love


I am a bit excited and so are my boys ... opa and oma (grandma and grandad) arriving today for a three week visit! Lot's of nice things to do here in Singapore and I will do my best to share a thing or two with you on BKids.

After the lovely start with cute pana I have a lot more eye-candy for you this week ... like the home tour on BloesemLiving including pictures of the daughter's room ... isn't the wallpaper not just perfect?

Couple, Jorine and Egbert-Jan from Buro Jet live here an Sandra from BijzonderMOOI* spoke with them about design, what they like about their home, how they work and life in general. Marjon, the photographer knew exactly how to capture this home in the best way possible and focusing of the charming characteristics of this home.

Buro Jet is amongst many other things known for their fun ceramic snout cups and the beautiful laser lights.

Face to face: a designer's profile with BuroJet



All images by MAll images by Marjon Hoogervorst 

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Wish you a lovely weekend!


{images from my instagram}

What did you do last week? Was it a nice week? I believe most Dutch people are preparing for the the big celebrations for Queens-day ... extra special this year because we the Netherlands is getting a new King and Queen ... Yesterday I went to see how my boys had fun at their new Dutch school in Singapore ... all kids dressed up in orange playing games and eating traditional Dutch snacks.

But I am also preparing for my mom's visit next week ... so happy that she is coming over. More cleaning up to do this weekend but in a relaxed mood and when I have time I will visit Public Garden today iver at the SIngapore museum. I heard this is one of the best craft markets in town.

I wish you a great weekend too and hope to see you back on Monday. ~irene xoxo

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Some Blue today





{from top: boys room from hi, small blog, tees from indikual, little Ozzie from Le Train Fantome, photoshoot by Melanie Rodriguez}

Found some images in blue for you yesterday ... I am liking the red accents in all of them ... you too?

And I love this image below which by the way is a postcard you can buy in the Line+Liv shop ... Wiebke the owner made the picture herself.

Enjoy the inspiration! ~ irene


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Welcome Colette!


You might wonder why I haven't shared any craft projects with you lately .. well my friend and wonderful contributor Véronique Senorans Osorio from online shop Pichouline just gave birth to her third child ... baby Colette was born last month and I would like to Welcome her with lot's of love to this world and wishing her all things fabulous for her life.

Colette is very lucky to have such an amazing and sweet mom (and dad of course) who has created the most beautiful and awesome birth announcement AND gifts you can imagine.

A giraffe themed package arrived in my mailbox ... a little box with a wallet and key hanger, a cute little giraffe, some delicious golden wrapped chocolate all packed in a small linen bag and last but not least the letter-pressed card with golden sides.

Just perfect! Thank you my dear Véronique and we all hope you will be back soon with a craft project for us!





All images by me, Irene Hoofs.

The card was printed by Tiny Risselada from Letterpers

Véronique on pinterest


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Homemade ricekrispies



We made ricekrispies yesterday. Trying to make 'healthy' and homemade snacks for their lunchboxes. A quick search on the internet brought us to this site for a simple recipe.

We were all very happy with the result so I took some pictures for you to get an idea ...

Hope you like them!




All images and illustrations by Irene Hoofs.

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Getting ready for Spring with Colonel



You probably agree with me that this is nice!

And I know so many of you in Europa are longing for Spring .... or even better Summer ... to cheer you up and get you in warm sunny mood enjoy colonel from France today!

My favorite is lamp number 4 in the picture below ... from the Diablo collection.


Over at Bloesem I'm writing a bit more about colonel. Thanks famille summerbelle for the introduction.

All images by Colonel


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