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Pally is a stool


How cool is this ... perhaps not a very new find but definitely a find I personally like!  Pally is a stool and a creative object. By moving the colourful sticks you can create countless patterns for the seat.

Laura Väinölä is the designer and I believe she has done an amazing job combining beautful design with playful learning. Who would like to sit here?

Pally is currently looking for a manufacturer, so if you have any tips please send Laura an email.



..Laura Väinölä

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Monday's quick start: rafa kids



Hip hip hurray! Its time to celebrate!

Rafa-kids: modern children furniture is ready for you to have a look at their amazing Bunk beds for toddler and kids... brothers and sisters. The website is open....so go!




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Sponsor Spotlight: TulpKids


A bit of a Dutch-Australian start this morning with TulpKids... Wendy Coombes from Australia is the founder of the boutique online shop TulpKids, but she is also Dutch from origine. We all know what 'Tulp'... a crispy, fresh and uniquely shaped flower and that is what Wendy tries to offer in her shop too.

Wendy has sourced award winning designs that are made using sustainable materials and non-toxic finishes from the Netherlands, Spain and Japan is it either a table, cabinet or a toy.

I really love the furniture range for kids by NinetoNine, great idea don't you agree this design of Desk-House. I'm would seriously consider buying it if it was available here in Malaysia. Two very fundtional items in one, that decorate a room instantly... only add a bed and some small assecoiries and your room is ready.


Recently Wendy has taken on the super fun Kukkia range of cute sandals from Japan as well as their beautiful wooden toys.                                                                            READ MORE>>>


And it doesn't come as a surprise to me that Wendy also choose to offer the 'kast van een huis' range in her shop. I remember writing about them a long time ago on Bloesem.




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Kids of Kathmandu... a wonderful charitiy project!


Can I please ask your attention for this wonderful charity project. I received an email from Kristin telling me about her designer friend living in Brooklyn who has started an inspiring project that pairs furniture design with funding for children's education.... bit more about the story... "Last year, furniture maker Andrew Raible, and photographer Jami Saunders spent their honeymoon volunteering in a Nepali orphanage, living and working with 41 kids in Kathmandu. Back at home, the couple continued thinking about the children and decided to start the non-profit organization Kids of Kathmandu, which utilizes photography, art and design to raise awareness and funds for these kids.


Their first initiative, The Desk Project, is focused on furniture design. They reached out to established New York architects, designers, artists and woodworkers to design and fabricate a child's desk to be auctioned off with the proceeds going towards the children's education in Nepal. The idea is that each desk sold will support a child for one year. In response, they've received 11 unique children's desks from 11 different designers (including MADE, Uhuru and Daniel Moyer). The desks are now on display and up for auction!(text by Chris and Kristin)

..The Desk Project..


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Come and Draw Table by Tian Tang design


Sometimes you see something that makes so much sense!

Yes this super fun drawing table called Come and Draw would look very nice in our home too! Tiang Tiang is the designer who currently studies and lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. I discovered Come and Draw at the blog of this good looking kids magazine from Denmark, thanks Mia for introducing me to it.

..Come and Draw Table..

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Sponsor Spotlight: Ubabub


I don't know why I don't share children's bedroom furniture very often...guess I don't see that much very special passing by  but Ubabub from Australia totally is my ally...wow beautiful nursery beds that you can transform in to toddler beds. Natasha and Daniel Dumais from Melbourne are very brave in my book...starting a furniture company must not be easy and thinking of the start up costs etc.but I truly believe Ubabub is going to be a big success worldwide and if you are already interested in buying something from them but a bed is not what you are looking for right now then head over to their wall-art section and choose one of the super great prints the boat is my favorite!

Ubabup2 Ubabup3


..ubabub wall art..

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