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 {1. Bien a Bien Pineapple 2. Bamboo dinner set  3. Quirky kid's room 4. Green kicks by Marc by marc jacobs 5. Strawberry and mint circus ice cream packaging }

 Those green kicks are just too adorable. Personally, I think they would look great with the first outfit with the pineapple. Or is that too cute to handle? Nah, kids are all about cute.

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Some things I liked this week


Eames Toys. A true throw back.

3D Birthday banner DIY

Instagram mom, Strawberrykoi

New class alert: Calligraphy with Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

Sweetest little pinafore..

I remember making guitars out of tissue boxes as a kid, but this banjo is way cooler!

Safeguarding your eggs (in the cutest way possible)

Making baby leggings out of your favorite patterned cloth.

The weekend awaits! Go out and have an awesome time, then we'll meet back here on Monday? Okay? Okay, see you then. Xo. Irene & Zara


ps. and speaking of vintage toys ... Kiet could not have been happier when my mom came from the Netherlands and she brought him a suitcase full of vintage star-wars toys from the seventies. My sister's neighbour had kept it all these years waiting for a child that loved star wars just as much as her own son (who unfortunately passed away) ... I so understood how this mom must have treasured these toys and wasn't able to just put them away ... and I m very happy these special toys have found a house were they are very much appreciated. 



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Some things I liked this week


These DIY mountain shelves, such a cute storage solution for a child's room!

Cookies that will blow your mind.

Great addition to a boys room

Singaporean photographer, Rebecca Toh, popped by the Bloesem Creative Space this week, and the results are just.. I have no words. Have a look for yourself.

Taking playing with cardboard to the next level.

Not a link but, I read this somewhere recently, and thought it was too amazing not to share:

When your children are born, reserve them a good email address. This way you have the password until they are 18 and you can also use it as a time capsule to send them notes, pictures and feelings as they grow up.

Last week we mentioned how we were tied up preparing the Bloesem Creative space, so here's a recap of how our weekend went..

We know.. We know.. We owe you an instagram mom, so here's Seventy Tree this week!

No more boring cake toppers.

I know I always say this but this week really whizzed by! Especially since we were in the Bloesem Creative Space over the weekend. It's almost like I was suffering from some kind of jet lag because when Monday came, my body was telling me "woohoo it's the weekend, time to sleep in". 

Wish you a good weekend everybody and hope to see you again next week! Irene & Zara xoxo



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Some things I liked this week

Bloesem Kids | Vday link love

.. We love you anyway! Happy Valentines Day everyone! The Bloesem Team hopes everyone has a day filled with love and chocolates, whoever you are spending it with, even if it's a day of work at the office (hide some candy hearts in your drawer)!

Every kids dream when they go to the zoo..

We missed out on our instagram mom this week but no fear! Have a look back on all the great instamoms here.

This week we felt very loved with the two great DIY craft pojects, Spec-tacular Valentine's Day Glasses and DIY Heart-shaped Paper Holder, we receieved from Khali and Veronique! There's still time to get your craft on.

Very interesting read about oil pulling. Would you try it?

More valentines related topics on our favorite blogs..

So happy to have Bu! in the Bloesem Shop. We aren't kids but we may or may not have played with it a little when the package came.

Running around putting the final touches on the bloesem creative space for the soft launch this Saturday! What are we going on about?? It all makes sense when you head over here.

Once again, have a great weekend and we'll be back for more next week! But if you are interested in how our first weekend open goes, be out insta-friends, why dont you :) Bloesem blogs & Zaaras on instagram. Bye!

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Some things I liked this week

Bloesem Living | creative space

Killing 2 birds with one stone.. We posted a Trestle round up telling you why we love trestles and why you should too! Also, featuring Master and Master trestles in the Bloesem Creative Space.

Looking forward to seeing this book ...

Have your kids (and you of course) watched Frozen? No? You should.

 Noah's Ark poster..

A crafts book to look out for this fall.

Such a precious picture..

1st year baby essentials..

Pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year..

The Bloesem Team wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! For all our readers who celebrate this festive season, we hope that you have a great holiday with your family and friends and take this opportunity to enjoy all the Chinese New Year goodies (our favorite part) before you have to wait one year till you can have them again. Since Chinese New Year starts on Friday, we will be having Friday off which means TGIF comes a day early this week. Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

xo Irene & Zara


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We Like: Bambi on a plate


Bloesem Kids| We like

{1. Beau Loves sweater 2. Bambi on a plate 3. Fisher Price vintage 4. Mima Supaflat   5. Little Titans socks 6. Domino }

I don't remember having too many cartoon home accessories as a child but I think this Bambi plate is the perfect middle ground between something just a kid would like and something mom wouldn't mind having as part of her kitchen collection. It's like that dora the explorer bowl but better looking. It's a-dora-bowl, get it? (ps. not an original joke, though i wish i came up with it.)

.. We Likes from the past


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