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it's Nina from By Graziela

Monday, 8 June 2009 by Irene Hoofs

Please meet Nina Nagel, who is the daughter of Germany's famous textile designer Graziela Preiser and she and her mom recently the by Graziela label which brings back the legendary ‘1,2,3 design’ on bedding and interior accessories, soon to be followed by other unique and striking design classics which were hugely popular in the 1970’s in Germany and still are so beautiful today. I'm very happy to show you this House Tour with Nina and you can see yourself how fantastic the fabrics look in a nursery and at home.

1.) Can you tell us a bit more why you have decided to start re-producing the particular ‘1,2,3 design’ pattern? And what pattern would you really love to see next in a re-run?We decided on the 1,2,3 pattern to relaunch first as it combines the retro and the contemporary to us very well. It’s such a graphic pattern, we felt the big billed ducks and the retro owls have quite a timeless look about them. Also, we really liked the concept of the design a lot, that it’s not just a cheerful happy pattern but you can also entertain yourself by counting up all the little motifs (there’s no mistake I swear;-)

As to which pattern to relaunch next: A L L would be good! It’s such a hard decision but we’re getting some help: We’re running a prize draw on our website at the moment asking our customers which to relaunch next. It’s a great way for us to find out what everyone likes best, so the next design is still to be decided... Of course we do have a favourite one though...
3. ) In what kind of house do you live, where and with whom?
The flat we live in was an old forage warehouse for horses from 1870, later it was used as a spice warehouse in the later 20th century, so it has quite a lot of history which gives it a great atmosphere. I live with my husband, our 1-year old son and our 2 cats.
4.) How long have you been living here and what do you really like about your home?
We’ve been living in our flat for 8 years, so it really has grown with us from boyfriend-girlfriend space to family-home. It’s has a really nice balance between an open-plan contemporary space and a very cosy feel with architectural individual features. It just feels like home as it hosts so many good memories and artefacts from many years.
5.) How did you decide on the colors, furniture and style in your home? Where did you look for inspiration? We juxtaposed modern furniture and clear rather white lines with our love for collecting souvenirs and all sorts of animal sculptures from our travels, to achieve a fresh and eclectic style. I often look for inspiration to the way how I grew up. My parents also collected all sorts of ephemera. The house I grew up in has an almost museum-like feel with little collections everywhere but with a very strong interactive edge, ie everything was there to be played with, touched our used, nothing is in glass shrines which I think is a very fun and functional way of living in your home.
6.) I love this memo-board and the drawing, who made it and for what purpose?
Our flat still has quite a few remnants from its days of the warehouse, so we have this huge black metal sliding door which is magnetic. It just happened that over the years little special memories like drawings, little lovely notes, magnets from all over the place etc assembled there. When I was pregnant I still had time to be super organized so one day I drew up this list of all the things I thought we needed to get for the baby, a room thermometer (total nonsense I found) and ONLY 3 baby-vests which was quite optimistic, I quickly sent out my husband to buy several multi-packs day into baby-boy’s life!!
7.) What are your favorite items in your home and will always get a prominent place on on eof your shelves?? Oh, it’s very difficult to have a hierarchy, I would have to go for the wooden camel which we bought on a total disaster holiday in Tunesia, the photo of Peggy Guggenheim in Venice from an auction, the kitsch Svarovski Micky Mouse (still occasionally real Micky Mouse comics to relax) and the ‘Statue of Liberty NY sunglasses’ which get put on at every dinner-party...!
8.) Please tell us a bit more about the nursery and some of the beautiful objects? Where did you get the height chart?
The nursery is mainly inspired by my Mum’s designs. Having had an amazing childhood with my Mum’s imaginative designs, I want my kids to also grow up and be inspired by bold and happy elephants, ducks and ladybugs! The cheerful bed linen, wall organizer and cot bumper are all from byGraziela. We have two wall organizers in use, one which holds all the nappy changing essentials and one which acts more as Jakob’s personal organizer of all his favorite stuff. He still enjoys nappy changing as he adores pointing to the different animals (or pulling out a few nappies out of the pockets!)

The height chart was given to me by my husband this Valentine’s Day! It’s by the brilliant illustrator Rob Ryan. Other favorites include the woolly sheep (from Thorsten van Elten) which also doubles as a stool and my collection of vintage 1970’s cushions designed by my Mum (of course!).
9. ) If you could invite one very special person for dinner, who would that be… ?
I think it would quite simply be my husband, as I can never see enough of him!
10.) Is the little window in the white door for your cat? If so, what a clever idea ...?
Yes, it’s quite funny, it’s the door to their cat loo! As our flat is so open-plan we didn’t fancy falling over the cat littler all the time, so they got their own private lavatories! Very luxurious ;-)

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