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Mom Story: Peta from Love Mae


How wonderful to introduce the lovely Peta from LoveMae to you.... she is the founder of love mae ... you know that beautiful fabric wall-decalls and wall stickers label with all the romantic colors and patterns ... "Love a little bit more passionately, live a little more recklessly and nurture a little more deeply. It is you that notices the precious detail in life and enjoys the moments that are truly important."

Peta lives in Stokers Siding in the Byron Bay area above Sydney together with her husband and two daughters.

Do you keep your children’s play areas separate, or do you believe they should have a space in every part of the house?
I must admit I've always loved the idea of a children's creative area where they are able to hang out and create chaos. I imagined this as a space where they don't have to hear me ask them to tidy up constantly, so I made one of the rooms in our house into a craft room. I was so excited and thought that my our little home might be a bit tidier for it - we live in such a small cottage and mess can really take over very easily. It didn't work though, my girls follow me everywhere so if I'm cooking the bench gets covered in an amazing amount of stuff. I do however get a bit strict with the end of the day clean up. I figure I'm teaching them good habits, but I must admit it's because I work quite a bit when they go to bed at night and I need to house tidy to be able to concentrate better.


Where do you look for interior inspiration, favorite magazines, websites, or blogs?
All of the above. I'm a very visual person and love being filled with inspiration. I'm an addict. Small crazy bursts is all I can squeeze in lately, but I'm sure I'll make more time for it soon. Blogs are much more easier for me to access and enjoy. I find I completely go off on a tangent when give the chance.

What are your children’s favorite items in your house?
In the house, the love their craft supplies. I  think all of us would be lost without them.

Some tidying tips? Do your children tidy up after themselves?
I love a tidy space, in fact its the only way I can clearly think. Not a good trait with two crafty girls. I promise I'm trying to work on it for their sake. I dream of built in cupboards where everything hides behind doors. In the meantime we find ourselves being quite minimal, we don't have lots of things. Living in the country most of our time is spent outdoors. Every month or so I do a complete tidy but otherwise they are encouraged (or cheekily tricked) to tidy at the end of each day. Especially when a cubby house has taken over most of the house.


Studio 2

If you are living in a foreign country, how do you feel about it? How do you meet new people, make new friends? What is it that you miss most about 'home'?
I don't live in a foreign country, but 5 years ago we moved a rural location. A little cottage in a little village. Finding new friends that you truly love the company of can be difficult, especially when life is so busy. I find that my children seem to attract like minded people. It's an amazing ability they have and of course it's always convenient that their children and ours children get along. I often fantasize about living close to all my good friends, but with them scattered everywhere I know it will never be possible.

What is your idea of a perfect day with your children?
The perfect day would definitely start with a little bit of a sleep in - not so much that the morning is gone, but enough that you wake up naturally. Straight into the car and down the beach. A big swim and sandy play to work up a big appetite. We've got a family breakfast tradition going on the moment so we would head home for this. The rest of the day would be hanging out. We really love to entertain too so friends to join us in the afternoon and into the night would be a perfect day for us.

What is a normal day with your children? What do you do on the weekends?
It's warm here now and I can feel the summer sun. Our weekdays are very busy. Lots of school work and all sorts of activities including piano, circus and swimming lessons. Gosh children have so much going on. Our weekends are filled with beach, gardening playing and friends. We love all our weekends so very much. I'm travelling a lot at the moment so our weekends are filled with each other. 

Back hills


Can you mention some of your ‘how-to-raise-your-kid’ advice?
Some days I still can't believe that I'm a mother. I'm not sure if I have any advice as I feel like I'm stumbling along making all kinds of mistakes. I try to include my girls in everything and always remain honest with them. I don't really believe in the little untruths to get through a situation. I think understanding is the most amazing trait we can posses, and honesty has a big part to play in this. I believe you can love whatever you understand.

What kind of DIY projects do you like to do with your children?
We are crafting mad in this house. Crazy messy crafters. My girls are amazing at turning nothing into something. I stick to that sort of DIY. My husband is a joiner so I try to steer clear of the DIY at home ... don't want to mess with his manhood. In the Love Mae studio it's a different story though, I wield a drill with passion.

Are you a crafter or DIY person?
Crafter when my husband is home and DIY when he's not. Its a much happier home that way.

Studio wall


Girls room

Books, websites, local shops you would recommend for tips and ideas about kids crafting?
I'm a big Hello Sandwich fan. Everything Ebony Bizys does is wonderful. My girls and I find lots of amazing craft projects on lovely blogs.

Pinterest is amazing for storing these ideas. We are also lucky enough to have some great craft and origami books. We went through such a huge origami phase lately.

We are very excited about a new movement in a local town. A collective called Hey Maker is just about to deliver pure crafting goodness. Its a collective of women who see the need for a place where crafters can meet and craft together. They have classes for all ages and are really inventive with their courses. If only that kinda thing would roll out like McDonalds.

Cubby house

How do you like to celebrate birthday's and other special days in your house?
We do the year on year off thing. One year we have a party and the next the kids choose what they want to do. We find it really fun. I don't think I could do a party every birthday. I've got this problem with wanting to do absolutely everything myself and I end up quite a mess at the end of it. I think mothers are crazy like that.  When I'm sipping my wine at the end of the birthday party day I always declare I'm crazy if I do it again. 

Are you a ‘cook’ or ‘food lover’ or both?
I'm part time both. At home I'm a cook, it goes with the country setting. I have an incredible talent of keeping the larder full as it's a 15 minute drive to the nearest town. I love cooking and entertaining. I travel alot with Love Mae so I balance this with dining out in every city I find myself in. The restaurant trail I find in Sydney, Melbourne and New York will always be a huge passion of mine. I get so incredibly excited when I find a good restaurant.

Where would you like to go to on vacation - with or without your children?
Our next vacation is to Cairns (Australia) to watch the solar eclipse. We are very excited and have a few side trips planned in the area. As for the next unplanned one, I'm doing my best to convince everyone that we need to buy a caravan. Then we could holiday without involving airports. My husband thinks I'm just trying to add to his work load, he knows I'll buy some vintage wreck that needs a complete overhaul. I drive him mad with my love for things that need 'a little work'.



~ Thank you Peta from LoveMae for sharing your home and thoughts with us! ~ irene

..Love Mae


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Mom Story: Rosie Jansen from Tribe Bags

Rosie and son Toby-Introduction-02

I’m Rosie Jansen, mom to an active two-year old, my son Toby. I’m also the founder of Tribe Bags, a luxury line of stand-out leather diaper bags. Our signature diaper bag, the “Singapore Sling”, was named Best Changing Bag in the prestigious UK Junior Design Awards, and is often seen carried by several Hollywood celebrity mums including Katherine Heigl and Denise Richards. While I was born and bred in Australia, I now live in sunny and humid Singapore with my husband and son.

Where do you look for interior inspiration, favorite magazines, websites, blogs? 

I collect contemporary Asian art and several of my friends are art curators and gallery owners, so I’m always looking around for pieces that take my fancy. I’m running out of wall space though, so I don’t buy as much art as I used to. I’m always looking at interior design magazines and lately, blogs. Besides Bloesem, I like checking out designsponge, and apartment therapy for general ideas and inspiration. My taste stays fairly constant but I have fallen in love with colour over the past few years, and that love has translated into my designs for Tribe as well. Colour works well in my home because I have a backdrop of a lot of stone-coloured and light wood fixtures and furnishings.

Rosie's Home

What are your children’s favorite items in your house? 

When I was pregnant. I bought a very modern and generous-sized rocking chair which I placed next to my son’s crib. Since birth, my son and I have cuddled up in that chair every night and read book after book. Toby loves the chair and has become quite territorial about it.

Rosie and son Toby-Rocking Chair-Favourite Item in House-01

How do you like to celebrate birthdays and other special days in your house? 

I always make a nice creative sign celebrating the occasion – “Toby’s 1st Birthday”, “Toby’s 1st Christmas” etc. – and make sure that the sign appears in photographs taken on the day. As Toby grows older, it will be nice to look back at photos and to instantly know how old he was at the particular point in time when the photograph was taken. It’s a good way of keeping track of time without having to look at the date stamp of when certain photographs were taken. 

Rosie's Artwork-05

What are your all time favorite books for children? 

Toby and I are both obsessed with books, and they’re my absolute favourite things to give as baby shower and newborn baby gifts. I love Australian author Mem Fox and her books Hello Baby, The Green Sheep, Time for Bed, as well as classic children’s books like Peter Rabbit and Winnie The Pooh. I also enjoy reading fairy tales to my son.

Rosie's Artwork-04

How do you buy your books? Bookstores?  Online? 

I like visiting bookstores as it gives me an opportunity to flick through the pages of a book to get an idea of the story line and to also see the illustrations. I have a soft spot for beautifully illustrated books. 

Luckily for me, there’s been a growth of lovely independent bookstores in Singapore, like Woods in the Books which specializes in children’s books. Another one I like is Littered With Books, which carries books for both children and adults, so there’s something for Toby and myself. Both stores have a very relaxed and warm vibe, which just makes the shopping and reading experience so much more pleasurable. 

Woods in The Books

What movies do your children like to watch, is there one from your childhood you would love to show them? 

My son Toby just loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Currently, he doesn’t have the attention span to watch a movie, but he likes short 10-30 minute episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine and various other animations like Shaun the Sheep that I also love. I liked the Smurfs when I was a child and have around 100 Smurf figurines, which my mother kept and stored for me, but my son just isn’t interested in them!

Rosie's Artwork-03

How do your children prefer to spend their leisure time? 

I suspect my son isn’t dissimilar from most young boys his age - he’s active for the whole day and never stops! He loves playing at our local park (on the slippery slide and in the sandpit), playing at home with toy cars and trains, and really enjoys running around and just making his own fun. He just turned two and has started go to pre-nursery school several mornings a week which is something he really enjoys due to the mix of different activities and the company of other toddlers.

Rosie and son Toby-Introduction-01

Thank you Rosie for sharing your lovely Mom Story with us!

..Tribe Bags

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Mom Story: Filippa Asved


My name is Filippa, I live in Denmark with my husband Claus and our three girls Natascha(11), Olivia (8) and Cleo(3) – we have three cats, 5 fish and five chicken that provide us eggs every day. 

I am a freelance interior stylist with a love for DIY, and ideas for kids, therefore 70 % of my work is all about kids.


My blog is called Cirkus, it started as the place where I could show all the amazing things I find, in hope that someone would be interested and get inspired as I do. I also pin here when I see things I love or need to remember.

And once I blogged for the kids magazine Vi forældre, where I had the luck to find a lot of great stuff for kids and Bloesem jewelry was one of them.

At the moment I use most of my time at my new project – my webshop – Fabel A (decorations and ideas for birthdays and parties). I have wanted to open a webshop, for the last 12 years, but never found the right angle - as I have now. :)


What kind of house do you live in - are you and the kids happy here or is there anything you find lacking or would like to change?

We live in a rather ordinary house north of Copenhagen. It is a two storey house, a pretty big garden, with apple trees, small spaces for reflection and playing. The kids love the trampoline, the chickens, and just being in the garden and playing.

I love the garden and I am working on getting as many flowers as possible in the garden, so it will bloom from spring to fall – I still have a long way to go.

What is it you like best about living there?

That we are close to nature and the city at the same time. Two minutes walk to the Forrest, 10 min by bike to the sea and 15 min by car to Copenhagen.


Do you like to spend time decorating your home and the children’s room?

I love to decorate my home and my kid’s rooms, but ever since I started working as an Interior stylist, I do not have the same need to live in a certain way. But now and again I move things around and decorate my home. I decorate with flowers, almost as an obsession some would say, but for me, a small bouquet can change the look so easily. One of my favorite flowers is Lilac.


Do you keep your children’s play areas separate, or do you believe they should have a space in every part of the house?

Natascha and Olivia each have their own room, the rooms are small and connected but their own, and Cleo still sleeps in our room, and has some of her toys in the bedroom. We have toys in the living room and in our office where they each have their own little “office”.

Where do you look for interior inspiration, favorite magazines, websites, or blogs?

I find inspiration in traveling, magazines, books, Pinterest, blogs, or just observing. The best ideas come when I get home from abroad, a trip to Copenhagen or a walk back from the kindergarten.  

My mom is a textile designer and a crafter and has always been a huge inspiration, even though we do not have the same taste. She taught me to believe in individuality in many aspects of life.

What are your children’s favorite items in your house?

The Trampoline, their bikes, computers, Sullvanien, lego, Play mobile, the swing, water sprinkler in the garden, television, clay, painting and crafting.


Some tidying tips? Do your children tidy up after themselves?

I wish I had – we have been renovating our basement, and I hope that when we move all our things back, it will be in storage systems that would make tidying easier for all of us. 

As for my kids I periodically try to make them tidy up after themselves and it is getting better, but I must admit that they are a bit spoiled.


If you are living in a foreign country, how do you feel about it? How do you meet new people, make new friends? What is it that you miss most about 'home'?

We have lived abroad several times, but we only had kids when we lived in New York - I gave birth to my oldest daughter in New York, at The Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center, where I also met a lot of sweet people when I attended the childbirth class. We love living abroad and exploring. 

What is your idea of a perfect day with your children?

A morning with smile and laughter, and an afternoon where we are together with no expectations, just being together.


What is a normal day with your children? What do you do on the weekends?

I bring them to school and kinder garden at 8 and pick them up around 16, three times a week they go to sports or music and often they have friends over. On weekends, we try to be together all 5 of us. See friends, family, play in the garden; work in the garden and house. Some times we go to the summerhouse to do absolutely nothing.

Can you mention some of your ‘how-to-raise-your-kid’ advice?

Not much – but the things I appreciated was: Breastfeed if you can, let your children sleep next to you as long as you can manage – we had each of them the first year. Show them love, smile, laughter and that you believe in them.


What kind of DIY projects do you like to do with your children?

We love to make Christmas decorations, and painting Easter eggs. Beside that we have made a lot of HABA plates, necklaces, paintings and clay dough figures. 

Are you a crafter or DIY person? 

Can you be both? Yes – love it. But I must admit that for the most time I am a DIY person – I try hard to be better at crafting. When I was younger I did a lot of crafting, but somehow I lost it when I started working behind the computer as a digital designer. 

I attend a local Graphic printing workshop, where I make small art prints for my self and for the friends that like them.


Books, websites, local shops you would recommend for tips and ideas about kids crafting?

Jørgen Clevin was definitely a big inspiration when I was a kid, and Lis Paludan. Today a lot of kids gets their inspiration from Shane Brox - he makes amazing things. Martha Stewart and her creative team have definitely inspired me years ago with MS Kids magazine.

How do you like to celebrate birthday's and other special days in your house?

With friends and family, loots of good food, a layered cake for the birthday girl, happy decorations, laughter smiles and a treasure hunt in the garden. 

Are you a ‘cook’ or ‘food lover’ or both?

I cook because I love it and yes I love food that is made with love. My girls would really like to help – but at the moment our workspace in the kitchen is so small that it does not happen to often. But in the near future we hope to change the kitchen and then I hope they can help some more – if they still have the passion for it.


Where would you like to go to on vacation - with or without your children? 

We love to travel – with and without our children. We go on ski holyday almost once a year and in the summer we go camping somewhere in Europe – this summer we went around France. 

Claus and I sometimes go to Paris, London, or Stockholm to meet up whit our friends, or just relax for a day or two.

Last year we went with the kids to New York to see where we lived and where Natascha was born – great trip, the jetlag was a bit hard on the kids, but they loved being in the city and exploring.

What a sweet Mom Story, thank you Filippa for sharing it with us!!

..Fabel A

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