Gifts under USD 50


1. Apple by Acne Jr                                                   7. Animal Alphabet Chart by Rifle Paper Co

2. Bean Game at Little Fashion Gallery                 8. Red Glitter Shoes by TOMS

3. Outdoor Explorer Kit at Sweet William               10. ABC Dream Book by The Wild Unknown

4. Wooden Yo-yo at The Curiosity Shoppe           9. Make Your Own Monster Kit by Donna Wilson

5. Trojan Horse by Kidsonroof                               11. Circus Tableware at Mimi's Circus

6. Wooden Musical Set at My Sweet Muffin          12. Owl Cardigan by KLT Works


13. kedublock cylinders at Orphan Socks                    20. Camera at Pichouline

14. Mini Rocking Horse at Eco Toys                            21. Design Your Own Recorder at Romp

15. Piggy Bank at Brook Farm                                        22. Dog Plush Toy by Smallable

16. Woodland Memory Game by Dwell Studio                23. Yellow Ava Purse at Everbloom       

17. First Aid Box at Sisters Guild                                      24. Tree Stump Ottoman at Lark

18. Sailboat Ornament by Paloma's Nest                     25. Alphabet Blocks by Little Sapling Toys  

19. Nesting Robots at The Land of Nod



Gifts under USD 25


1. Fox Mask by Frida's Tierchen                 7. Mouse Candleholder at The Wooden Wagon

2. Panda Medal by Coral and Tusk             8. Magnifying Glass at Areaware

3. Bird Whistles at Earth Tribe                    9. Lunch Bag by Miss Natalie

4. Big Mustache by Oeuf                              10. Silly Goose Plate at Urban Baby

5. Woodworking Kit at Romp                      11. Mr. Little Moustache Mirror by Le Petit Pot

6. Wooden Elephant by ImagiPlay              12. Rabbit Puppet by Furze Chan


13. Temporary tattoos at Tattly                                  19. Circus Stamp Set by Yellow Owl Workshop   

14. Compass and Sundial at Nova Natural               20. Tooth Fairy Kit by Paper and Twin

15. Paris Junior Map at Smallable                             21. Avalisa Memory Game at Fawn and Forest

16. Santa Plush Toy by Jane Foster                           22. Wooden Coloring Set at Little Scout

17. Wooden Soldier Skittles at Lark                          23. Mini Heart Garland at Little Yellow Birds

18. Black Board and Chalk at Hello Polly                 24. Squirrel Pull Toy at Grasshopper


For girls


1. Cloud Pillow by Goodbye Blue Monday    7. Stars Domino Game at Tulp Kids 

2. Kid's Apron at Anthropologie                     8. Mother and Baby by Frida's Tierchen

3. Breakfast Set at Eureka Kids                    9. Posters for Girls at Switcheroo

4. Totem Horse by KidsonRoof                    10. Wooden Car Set at Urban Baby

5. Apple Storage at Mokkasin                      11. Good Things for Girls at Babesta

6. Red Cape at Poppys Closet                      12. Doll House by Paperpod


13. Hair Bow Pin at Minikin                          20. Junior Hangers at Little Pie Street  

14. Jazz Shoe by Flora and Henri                 21. Paper Dolls by Sarah Jane Studios

15. Polka Dot Stool at Bijzonder Mooi       22. Rabbit Lamp at Lark

16. Swan Scarf by Donna Wilson               23. Circle Skirt at Kidó 

17. Combi set by Mikodesign                      24. Mushroom Suitcase by Esthex

18.  Eloise Skirt at Sweet William                25. Girls Print at L'Affiche Moderne

19.  La Louve Mobile at French Blossom


For boys


1. Wooden Boats by Papafoxtrot                        7. Tool Set at Romp

2. Detroit Bow Tie by Urban Sunday                  8. Fire Truck at The Little Zebra

3. Backpack Morris by Esthex                            9. Wooden Robot at Areaware

4. Totem Aero by Kidsonroof                            10. Cowboy Print by Rifle Paper Company

5. Slingshot by The Original Tree Swing           11. Little Soldier by Leilalou

6. Spiral Race Car at The Ark                           12. Scotty Dog Lamp at Kido


13. Victor by Monster Factory                        19. Wooden Cars at Tulp Kids

14. Motorbike at Arte Bebé                            20. Robot Lunchbox at Kidsen

15. Ride-On Plane at Alex and Alexa             21. Knots Kit at Imagine Childhood

16. Drum at Toyella                                         22. Dino Stamp Set by Wee Gallery

17. Robot Clock by Say Hello                        23. Wooden Toy Catapult at Black Wagon

18. Pirate Cut Out at Hello Polly                   24. Good Things For Boys at Babesta







Luxury Gifts


1. Bennett doll house at brinca dada                        7. Crash Car at Edwin Pelser

2. Little muak village Rug at muakbabi                   8. School House Necklace by Dawn&Deepa

3. Pull along Polly brown at BB+++                         9. Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft Aquarelle Pencil Sets

4. Tipi par Nathalie Léte                                        10. Child child chair at Little Catwalk

5. Egmont Lying Fawn Lamp at Bodie&Fou         11. Big White Angora Bunny by makeitawesome

6. Teal Star Buffalo Girl Dress at ilovegorgeous      12. Limited edition of 100,  XXL ShapeMaker


13. Boe slofjes at Little Basics                                19. Hand crochet butterflies in shadow box by Oeuf

14. Stuffed pony made by hand at Piutre                20. Forts by barbara butler

15. Malvern Star Dragster, Ferrarri Yellow              21. Amazing riding hood cape cape by Wovenplay

16. Come & draw table by tian tang                        22. Birdcage mobiles by Tamar Morgendorff

17. Maple key ring at flora and henri                       23. pom pom mittens by Kate Spade

18. Chicken mask by Kalon                                     24. Kast van een huis at Tulpkids







Eco-friendly Gifts


1. Classic Wooden Tree Swing at Imagine Childhood       8. Organic Camera by Little Sapling Toys
2. Gween Gusto Stacking Toy at Amazon                         9. Pop-up Lion at Wild Dill
3. Waldorf Mood Bird at The Wooden Wagon                  10. Wooden Owls at Acorn
4. Wooden Car by Noli Noli                                              11. Eco Star Crayons at Amazon
5. Sea and Match Memory Game by Coral & Tusk          12. Bulldog Notepad by Ecojot 
6. Organic High Seas Tee by Winter Water Factory        13. Eco-Tree Colored Pencils at  Green Genes
 7. Snow Man Bowling Set by Apple-n-Amos                   14. Murgi game at Earth Tribe


15. Wooden Picture Book at Acorn                             20. Fernando Lunchbox by Beatrix New York
16. Balthazar the Magician by Blabla Kids                  21. Playmat at Shak-Shuka
17. Felt Food Refrigerated Set by The Felted Pear    22. Giraffe Changing Mat at Sustainababy  
18. Black Rocking Horse at Toyella                            23. Felt Norwegian Alphabet by Wee Waldorf
19. Hair Clips by Graphic Spaces                               24. Dragon by Topozoo



Less then usd 100.-


1. Farm crockery set by Graziela at My Messy room        10. Elefanten Spardose groß at human empire shop

2. Ma Ville by Kiko at le pingouin de le space                   11. Initial charm by Verre at nonchalant mom

3. Color building blocks at the wooden wagon                  12P'kolino Storage Chest with Chalkboard

4. Chester the Swedish teddy bear at acne jr                   13. Slipper socks by collegien from france

5. Minnesota Dots Jacket at Ace Commune                     14. Elephant large cushion by Scoops

6. Pirate Ship Wall decall byLove Mae                              15. Bird Mobile in spectrum colours by puka puka

7. Molecule Building Set by ferm-living                             16. "my first reflection” by pia wallen

8. Apple cushion by Oeuf at couvertyre                            17. Smooth Rider by radio flyer

9. Leather Dragon shield & baldric set from the tree swing


18. Lucky Boy Sunday  pillow                                      21. Rocket wallchart at fam.store

19. Diamond suitcase by Esthex                                22. native shoes fitzimmons boots at little pinwheel

20. Elephant light at Pop-line



Handmade gifts


1. suburbs mini block set by fidoodle                                     8. Little Cat girls dress by wild things dresses

2. Blue birdie necklace by everbloom studio                          9. Tool set in felt by Tuscany Creative

3. Owl pillow by Ook in Het Paars                                        10. Mini Houses kit by grow books

4. Number print by lovemaki                                                11. Tiger pouch by giddy giddy

5. Wooden lower case Alphabet game by apple n amos         12. Owl mittens yarn and pattern at critterknits

6. Crochet bunnies at ladedahkids                                         13. Viking world rubber stamp by Herzensart

7. First spoon toy by fede                                                    14. The Wooden Sheriff Badge by The Small Object


15. 'Have a nice Hairday' clips at laulicious                              20. Kate Durkin whale pillow at Little Bean shop

16. Crochet Alien at The South is Blooming                             21. Hand screen printed Reindeer Stocking by robin and mould

17. bottle boats by Floris Hovers at Orphan Socks                   22. Hand knit scarf by fournier

18. Soft doll Babette by Le Train Fantome                               23. Name in bunny letters by pepper&buttons

19. Children backpack by pinknounou                                      24.  Blankets, pillows by Tulip+i






1. Boo Cot Bed Quilt by Belle and Boo                                     9. Wooden Stacking Owl at Little Baby Company   

2. Pigmée Doll by Pigmée                                                       10. Heirloom Growth Chart at Fawn and Forest

3. Bear Leggings by Mini Rodini                                              11. Floris Bronze Baby Shoes at Little Fashion Gallery

4. What a Croc at The Land of Nod                                        12. Patch Jumper by Oeuf   

5. Sheeps Mobile at Smallable                                                13. Panda Pillow at Velocity Art and Design

6. Wooden Whale Rattle by Smiling Tree Toys                       14. Horse Push Toy by Manny and Simon

7. Quinton Giraffe by Bholu                                                      15. Rabbit Print by E.Soule Photography

8. Bunny Night Light at Lapin and Me                                      16. Baby's First Ornament Squirrel by Little Sapling Toys


17. Scalloped Bonnet by Flora and Henri                                     21. Penguin Baby Bib by Down Home Amy 

18. Fox at Pink Olive                                                                     22. Dog Storage Box at Raspberry Kids

19. Alphabet Blocks by Julia Staite                                               23. Leo the Lion Pull Toy by Toporko    

20. Mushroom Wall Clock by Decoylab                                         24. Learn the Numbers fabric Book by Pink Nounou