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Project #4: Paper Flowers

Wednesday, 30 January 2008 by Irene Hoofs

how I long for spring…… this simple bouquet is made from tissue paper and will brighten up anyone’s day.

What you will need:

*6- bamboo skewers 12 inches long (or how ever many you want to make)
*1 sponge cut to 1 inch cubes
*various colours of tissue paper
*glue stick *masking tape  *scissors *pencil
Step 1:
..first cut the sponges into 1 inch cubes and cut tissue paper 3 x 3 inches – these will be used for the centers of the flowers.  Place the non-pointy side of the bamboo skewer into the sponge and cover with tissue paper to create a little ball – tape the ends to the bamboo squewer.
Step 2:
..fold different colours of tissue paper together and cut leaf and petal shapes approx. 3 inches long.  Place 4-5 layers of petals together and wrap around the pencil and slide down (as shown in image) – this will give the tissue a wrinkly natural look and give the petals more shape.
Step 3:
..separate the petals and glue the ends in alternating colours to the bamboo stem just underneath the sponge ball center.
Step 4:
..cut a colour of tissue paper you want to use for the stem aprox 1 x 12 inches and apply glue directly on the tissue and begin at the top on an angle and keep twirling the stem till you cover the entire bamboo.   If it doesn’t cover the entire stem you can cut more strips until it’s entirely covered.

Keep repeating each step for more flowers in different colours and feel free to cut a leaf for the stem.  You can arrange them in a vase or give them to a special someone.

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