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Project #6 Shadowbox Cut-out Painting

Wednesday, 13 February 2008 by Irene Hoofs

This project is a layered shadowbox image.

What you will need:
*1 shadowbox frame 7 x 7 in. x 1 _ in deep
*1 sheet of Stonehenge paper cut to three sheets 5 _ x 5 _ in each
*watercolour paint and brushes
8cup for water and paper towels for dabbing
*pencil   *black fine permanent marker
*scissors  *xacto knife (used by adult)  *cutting mat
*white glue  *hairdryer
step one:
..start by doing a drawing that has a background, middle ground and foreground.
I chose to do a pastoral landscape.
..separate the drawing into three layers and draw each image with a pencil on a different piece of the Stonehenge paper
step two:
..take the permanent marker and trace over your pencil lines
step three:
..paint each image with the watercolour paints – don’t worry about staying in the lines – messy is good.
step four:
..once you painted all three layers – you can cut out the foreground and middle ground image with the scissors and use a xacto knife for any small details.
step five:
..most shadow boxes will come with foam core edging on the inside – remove one side and cut that piece into three even pieces. 
step six:
..put the first piece of foam core on the inside of the shadowbox – using a bit of glue to secure it in place
..and place your foreground image in behind the foam core piece using a bit of glue on the bottom to secure it in place
..and than place the next piece of foam core behind the foreground image and than place the middle ground image behind the second foam core piece – using glue to secure in place. 
..place the third foam core piece behind the middle ground image than place the third image (background image) behind the last piece of foam core
close up the back of frame bending down the hooks on the back of the frame.

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