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Project#9 Collage movable figure

Wednesday, 5 March 2008 by Irene Hoofs

...a great way to create fun and wacky characters that move – make a bunch of figures and have a puppet show

What you will need:
*old magazines
*cereal box
*brass fasteners or rivets
*one bamboo skewer to make holes
step one:
..cut out different body parts from the magazine images and layout the different way you want your figure to look – play around with scale – mix up body parts and make it funny and wacky
step two:
..layout the pieces on the cereal box and glue down your images
step three:
..cut around the images and put holes with the skewer where all the joints will be
step four:
..put brass fasteners in the holes joining all the different parts.
...If you like you can tape a popsicle stick on the back so that you can hold up the figure.

project images from readers here...» » »

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