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Project #15 Pattern print book cover

Wednesday, 16 April 2008 by Irene Hoofs

..this project is exploring pattern with lino printing – you can use this project to make a wall hanging, wrapping paper, cards etc.  – we will use this method to make a book cover

What you will need:

*1 sheet of brown kraft paper approx.11 x 14 in”
*1 piece of soft lino approx. 3x3 in.
*scissors, pencil and ruler
*lino cutter, plexi to roll ink, roller and spatula
*white block printing ink
step one:
..take your book and trace around with a pencil – add an extra 4 in. on either side.  Cut your book cover out.
step two:
..first decide on a image for your repeated pattern – try to do an image that goes right to the edge of the lino and do some thumbnail sketches if you want to see how it will repeat.  Try to draw an image that won’t look like an image merely repeated, but rather an image that will become part of a larger pattern when repeated
..after you draw your design – colour in the areas you want to keep and leave blank the area you want to carve out
step three:
..carve out the areas left blank on your line block. You can ink the block and test how it looks on some scrap paper if you like to make sure its how you want it
step four:
..start printing the book cover by rolling ink on the lino block and pressing firmly on the kraft paper – start in the far left hand corner and work outwards
step five:
..once the entire surface is covered let dry
step six:
..place the cover over the book and fold in the inside flap.

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