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Project#14 Kinetic drawing bug

Wednesday, 9 April 2008 by Irene Hoofs

..using a small motor you can create a kinetic bug that draws or create more than one to have a race with your friends

What you will need:
*1- 1.5 volt motor (found at most hobby shops)
*1- battery holder with on/off switch or tape the battery to the motor and connect the wires from the motor to the battery
*1- battery AA
*scissors and pencil
*small piece of coloured paper to decorate the bug
*19 gauge wire (copper or any malleable wire)
*plastic tubing (the gauge should be able to fit on the tip end of the motor – if it doesn’t fit snugly you can put a bit of the duct tape on the end)
*roll of duct tape
step one:
..first tape together the motor and the battery holder (if you got one with an on/off switch – make sure to place battery in holder)
step two:
..take the wire and cut into three pieces 7 in. long
step three:
..tape the legs on the motor and battery body – try to tape the legs without taking the whole thing apart to change the battery or you can use a good quality battery that will last a long time.
..Once you tape the legs to the body bend them downwards and turn the ends of the legs up so the feet of the bug is round
Step four:
..Take the plastic tubing and insert it on the tip end of the motor – you will need to play around with the length – it depends on the height of your legs.  Do a test and turn it on - the plastic tube should be able to spin in a full circle while hitting the surface
If you want to race your kinetic bugs – I find it’s good to have them on a bit of an incline – we used an elevated cutting board.  The plastic tubing on the end makes the kinetic bug move.
* make sure to secure the tubing very well so when the motor is turned on it doesn’t fly off.
Step five:
..To make the bug drawing use the pliers to break the tip end of the pencil and duct tape it to the tip of the tube

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