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Project#21 Plaster cast

Wednesday, 28 May 2008 by Irene Hoofs

...a great way to create forms for your budding sculptors or architects

What you will need:
*Styrofoam inserts from packaging
*Plaster of Paris
*Duct tape, xacto knife (or steak knife)
*Garbage bag or drop sheet to work on
*Plastic container for plaster mixture
*Sandpaper various grits
{click to see larger image}
step one:
..the Styrofoam pieces and start creating the perimeter of the shape – make sure to not create undercuts.  The fun part is the not knowing what exactly the shape will look like
you can use the knife to cut up the Styrofoam and attach the pieces together with the duct tape. 
*As an option you can make multiple shapes at the same time big and small and you can create a little city.
step two:
..once all the pieces are taped together you can poor a small amount of water and see if you have any leaks – cover the leaks with the duct tape.
..Mix the plaster by filling the container with lukewarm water and then slowly poor the plaster in the container until the plaster of Paris absorbs the water.
..Mix the plaster  to a mixture that is similar to a milkshake consistency and poor a small amount in the form and swish it around so it gets all the details
step three:
..once you’ve done that create a plaster mixture that is a bit thicker and pour the rest into the shape.
..Let stand to dry for approx. 1hr
Step four:
..It’s important that the plaster is dry and hard before removing the Styrofoam
Step five:
..Once all of the Styrofoam is removed you can clean up the edges and sand the surface if desired.  I prefer the texture of the Styrofoam and also the white of the plaster.  If you like you can paint the surface.

{click to see larger image}

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