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Project #36 Fun Fishing Game

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 by Irene Hoofs


Magnetic Goldfish Game by Khali from Little. Lovely.
This fun fishing game will help younger children with their fine motor development.
What you’ll need:
*Orange craft paper
*Orange marker pen
*Black felt tip pen
*2 Lengths of twine
*2 Unsharpened pencils
*4 Cupcake papers
*5 Metal paper clips
*2 Small magnets (round with a hole in the middle work best)


step one:
…Draw an outline of a goldfish and a mirror image of the same fish on craft paper. Repeat for the number of fish required. (We made five.)
step two:
…Decorate your fish (we gave ours scales) and cut them out using small scissors.
step three:
…Attach a paperclip to the back of one fish with cellotape, leaving a small section of paperclip sticking out the end of the fish. Apply glue, align the fish’s mirror image and stick together. Repeat for remaining fish.
step four:
…Make lily pads by flattening a green cupcake paper and cutting out a small section as shown. Apply glue to the round centre of the green cupcake paper and stick red cupcake paper to centre.
step five:
…Make your fishing pole by tying a piece of twine to the end of an unsharpened pencil. Attach magnet to the other end of the twine. Repeat for your second pole. Now, go fish!
How to play:
*Take turns to try and catch the fish by placing your fishing pole’s magnet on the paperclip sticking from the fish’s mouth.
*Spin your pencil between two fingers to reel in your fish.
*Place any caught fish in your lily pad.
*After all the fish have been caught, count your fish. The person with the most fish wins!
Note: Increase the difficulty of the game for older children by making different coloured fish and poles in corresponding colours.

..Little. Lovely...

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