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Project #38 Texture Words Book

Tuesday, 6 October 2009 by Irene Hoofs

Texture Words Book by Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project

Use materials with interesting textures to make a fun book for your baby or toddler.

What you'll need:
*Scraps of materials with interesting textures.  (Try textured *papers, fabric, household items, etc.)
*Spiral-bound book with blank pages.  (I used a watercolor pad because the pages were nice and heavy.)
*Exacto knife
*Glue (Bookbinding glue will work really nicely.)
*Glue brush
*Binder clips
Step one:
Gather together your textured materials.  The watercolor pad that I bought had 15 pages, so I needed to find seven items--one for every other page.
Step two:
Leave the first page of your book for the cover.  On the next page, use an exacto knife to cut a square out of the center of the paper.  Continue to cut a square out of every other page of the book.
Step three:
Cut your textured items into squares a little larger than those that you cut out of the book.  You are basically going to sandwich the textured items between two pages of your book.
Step four:
Use book-binding glue and brush to glue your pages together.  Use binder clips to hold the pages together while they dry.  (You could use another type of glue, but the bookbinding glue is nice because it is strong and it dries nice and flat.  You can find it at an art supply store.)
Step five:
Print out some text to add to your book.  I just did some texture vocabulary words, and a simple title.
This would make a nice gift for a baby or toddler.  Or just pass it on to your child to enjoy!

..New House Project..

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