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Project #42 Magic Bottles

Friday, 30 October 2009 by Irene Hoofs

Magic bottles by Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project

We made these for our students when I was a preschool teacher in Japan, and the kids just loved them.  It is a super simple craft project, but sometimes that is just what you need.

What you'll need:
*plastic water bottles with the labels removed
*metallic ribbon
*food coloring
*vegetable oil
Step one:
Fill your water bottles with water leaving about 2 inches of empty space.
Step two:
Cut the ribbon into 3-4 inch pieces.
Step three:
Add glitter, sequins, and ribbon to the bottles in interesting combinations.
You can also add a tiny bit of food coloring to the water if you like, or add a few tablespoons of oil to make bubbles in the water.
Step three:
Glue the lid onto the bottle, so your little ones won't be able to open it and make a huge mess.
Step four:
Play time!  These water bottles are so pretty to look at, but you can also use them to talk about color, floating/sinking, density, and states of matter.  I took them to the park today and they were a hit. 

..New House Project..

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