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Project #52 Scrap Paper Pictures

Tuesday, 23 February 2010 by Irene Hoofs


Scrap Paper Pictures by Khali from Little. Lovely.

Mem Fox is a well known Australian children’s book author. I loved her books when I was young and have had great delight sharing them with Hunter. The latest in our collection is Hattie and the Fox – a lovely story about a black hen. The illustrations in this book were the inspiration for creating these scrap paper pictures. We chose to make a black hen but you could use this technique to create a picture of any animal.

You’ll need:
* Paper (coloured and plain)
* Pencil
* Glue


Step one:
Select a picture of an animal to use as a guide for your drawing.
Step two:
Collect pieces of coloured paper that match the colours of the animal’s skin, scales, feathers or fur.
Step three:
Draw the outline of your animal on a plain piece of paper.
Step four:
Tear the coloured pieces of paper into small squares.
Step five:
Glue the pieces of coloured paper onto the outline of your animal using your picture as a guide.

Note: Some children may need guidance with various steps in this project. I drew an outline of the hen for Hunter, but older children will be able to draw their own. Hunter was able to tear the pieces of paper by himself and we worked together to select the pieces that he then glued to the outline.

..Little. Lovely...

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