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Project #53 Cherry Blossom Branch

Thursday, 4 March 2010 by Irene Hoofs


Cherry Blossom Branch by Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project

Cherry blossom season is coming up in Japan, so I thought I would make something to remember that. I am always missing Japan. I made two different versions.

What You'll Need:
*Pink paper (thin paper will be easier to fold)
*Bare branches
*Vase or frame


Step One:
If you are not using origami paper, cut your paper into squares. I used two different sizes of squares, 3 in. and 2.5 in.
Step Two:
Cut your branches to a size that will suit the frame or vase that your will be using.
Step Three:
Fold your squares into cherry blossoms. You can find out how to fold them here (http://www.origami-club.com/en/flowers/sakura2/index.html). You can create slight variations in the flowers by the you cut them.
Step Four:
After you have arranged your branches in a vase or frame, attach the folded cherry blossoms to the branches using tape. I happened to have a pink masking tape that matched my paper, but clear tape would also work.


..New House Project..

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