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Project #68 Wooden Clothes Pin Dolls

Tuesday, 30 November 2010 by Irene Hoofs


Wooden Clothes Pin Dolls by Khali from Little. Lovely.

When I was young, I loved making clothes pin dolls. Making my own toys felt very special. I recently made these clothes pin dolls for my children and they have been an endless source of entertainment. Hopefully one day soon they’ll make these dolls for themselves.

You’ll need:
*Wooden pegs
*Fabric scraps
*Needle and thread


Step one:
Paint hair and eyes on the rounded top of your peg. Allow to dry.
Step two:
Select fabric scraps that are wide enough to wind around your peg and long enough to extend the length of the peg to form a dress. I used fabric scraps left over from an old dress that I had converted into a doll.
Step three:
Sew the sides of the fabric scrap together to create a tube.
Step four:
Sew a loose running stitch around the top of the fabric and slip over the head of the doll. Pull the stitch tight so the fabric gathers around the neck of the doll and secure.


..Little. Lovely...

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