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Project #72: Love Bug Valentine’s Cards

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Love Bug Valentine’s Cards by Helen Bird from Curly Birds

Handing out Valentine’s cards at school is a time-honored tradition – class mates and teachers alike will feel especially loved with these kid-made love bugs.

What you’ll need:
*Card stock in red, green and shiny black
*Transparent bags
*Googley eyes
*Flower stickers
*Glue and brush
*Black marker


Step 1: If you are making a lot of cards, use any kind of card to make a pattern of the love bug and heart. Cut out a love bug, 6 hearts and grass for each card.
Step 2: With a black marker, draw a head and wings on the love bug. Turn the card over and write your Valentine’s message.
Step 3: Glue eyes and hearts on the love bug.
Step 4: Arrange the bag with grass and the love bug – close with the flower sticker.

Tips for making many cards:
Involve your child in decisions
Pre-cut card components
Be patient and remember to have fun!

..Curly Birds..

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