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Project #78: Fashion paper dolls

Wednesday, 2 March 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Fashion paper dolls by Teri from Giddy Giddy

What You’ll Need:
*Card stock paper
*Recycled magazines
*Scissors or xacto knive


Step 1: 8x12 white card stock paper. (60 pound to 90 pound paper works just fine) Fold paper in half.

Step 2: Draw the silhouette of a fully dressed doll/girl on 1/2 of the paper. The idea is to create a dress that is large enough to serve as a blank canvas. (paper dolls samples)

Step 3: Now using xacto knife (or scissors) cut out the dress, legs,  shoes and even hair.

Step 4: Next, find patterns and colors in a magazine that can then be chopped into squares, rectangles and strips. ( Fashion magazines and photography magazines are a great source for interesting patterns. )

Step 5: Now experiment and start to arrange the bits of paper inside your new DIY fashion plate and see what incredible fashion ideas you can create!


..Giddy Giddy blog..
..Giddy Giddy..

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