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Project #84: Hot Air Balloon

Tuesday, 10 May 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Hot Air Balloon by Helen Bird from Curly Birds

Although this craft only lasts a day, it is well worth doing – it provides HOURS of fun and is really quite magical. By using a really big balloon and adding a weight (or toy) to the basket you are able to control the balloon so it rises ever so slowly and always comes back down. Even a slight wind will make this balloon take off on an adventure…

What You’ll Need:
*36” helium-filled balloon – available from party supply stores or on-line
*Light basket
*Netted bag – often used to package produce like onions, avocados or oranges
*Ribbon – 5 yards


Step 1:
Cut the handles off the basket.
Step 2:
Put the basket under your balloon. Anchor the balloon 6 or 7 inches above the basket by taping a string (tied to the balloon) to a table or floor.
Step 3:
Cut the netted bag to make as big of a rectangle as you can. Place on top of the balloon.
Step 4:
Thread the ribbon through a hole at the top of the basket and extend the ribbon to the nearest corner of the netting - tie to the netting. Repeat 5 more times to even distribute 6 lines around the balloon.
Step 5:
Experiment with light weight toys to see what weight balances the buoyancy of the balloon.  You want the toy to be just heavy enough to make the balloon come down ever so slowly. Tape the toy to the bottom of the basket.
Step 6:
Cut the balloon’s string close to the floor or table.
Step 7:
Rotate the balloon so the knot points up and is in the middle of the netting. Use the balloon’s string to attach the balloon to the netting.

Let the fun begin!!


..Curly Birds..
..Curly Birds etsy shop..

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