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Project #88: No-Sew Twirlers

Tuesday, 28 June 2011 by Irene Hoofs


No-Sew Twirlers by Helen Bird from Curly Birds

Summer time is for dancing and twirling in the sun – how about No-Sew Twirlers to excite little feet?

*2 Wooden ‘Os’ available from craft stores
*3 spools of ribbon


Step 1:
Cut all the ribbon into 53” strands.
Step 2:
Separate ribbon into 2 equal-ish piles.
Step 3:
Thread ribbon pile through a wooden O, tie at mid-way. Repeat for second ribbon pile and O.
Step 4:
Cut ribbon ends on an angle to stop fraying.
Step 5:


..Curly Birds..
..Curly Birds etsy shop..

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