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Project #95: Creepy-Face-Changer for Halloween

Tuesday, 18 October 2011 by Irene Hoofs


DIY: Creepy-Face-Changer by Teri from Giddy Giddy

Here's a Halloween project that is both silly and creepy...if you like that sort of thing! Well, we sure do! We've made vampire faces, and gross zombie heads. But this was the "safest" to show you!
My daughters can't stop giggling over this.


Here are the instructions:

step 1.
Print out 2 copies of your child's portrait on cardstock paper. The higher the resolution and photo quality, the better.
step 2.
Cut face out of the background. this will serve as the front of this creepy face changer
step 3.
Cut out eyes as well as lower lip/chin with x-acto knife.
step 4.
Create the pull tab from cardstock/  in a shape of a T and in relative proportion to face.
step 5.
Align the top photo above the pull tab so that eyes appear in the correct place. Now tape chin to lower part of pull tab.
step 6.
Create the new eyes and mouth/teeth by drawing and coloring them directly on the tab.  We created these bugged out eyes and silly teeth using markers and colored pencils.
step 7.
Cut out a back piece that matches the shape of the head.
step 8.
Align pull tab between the front and back pieces so that eyes and mouth all line up. Now that you've sandwiched the tab in between, tape back and front together.
step 9.
Pull the tab to see face transform from cute to....whoa... creepy!


Enjoy Halloween!

..Giddy Giddy..

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