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Project #99: Christmas Tree Photo Holders

Wednesday, 7 December 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Christmas Tree Photo Holders by Helen Bird from Curly Birds

Every year the girls and I like to make Christmas ornaments for ourselves and to send to our family spread across the ocean. This year we made Christmas tree photo holders. Each pretty tree is supported by a matchbox, which contains a little accordion book of pictures.


*Colored card stock
*Decorations - felt balls, stickers, or glittery glue


Step 1:
Place the matchbox on the cardstock and draw a triangle for the tree – make sure the tree is big enough to hide the matchbox! If you are making lots of trees, make a pattern to draw around.
Step 2:
Cut out the triangles and decorate. We used colored felt balls, but you could use stickers or glittery glue.
Step 3:
Cut a piece of pretty paper to cover the matchbox. Attach the box to the back of the tree.
Step 4:
Cut a piece of card stock to the height of the matchbox and 6 times as long as the box. Score and fold the card to create an accordion book.
Step 5:
Personalize the accordion book with pictures, drawings or fun information about the year. Attach to the inside of the matchbox.

..Curly Birds..

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