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Project #100: Faux Mirrored Tile Ornaments

Thursday, 15 December 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Faux Mirrored Tile Ornaments by by Jennifer Kirk from Ambrosia Creative

What you'll need:
*roll of tin foil
*foam core (or stiff cardboard)
*permanent markers
*all-purpose glue (we used Aleen's quick dry tacky glue)
*glue stick
*glue gun
*string or ribbon for hanging


Step 1:
Sketch ornament shapes onto foam core and cut out.
Step 2:
Tear off a 6" long sheet of tin foil from a roll.
Step 3:
Fold foil sheet down into a long skinny strip about 3/4" wide. With glue stick, glue down the very last fold so the strip won't unravel. Make multiple strips. 3-4 covered one ornament.
Step 4:
Color strips with permanent markers and let dry. After a few minutes, cut strips down into square tiles.
Step 5:
Now decorate ornaments with your faux mirrored tiles. One row at a time, lay down a line of fast-tack or all-purpose glue and apply tiles. Along the top and sides, apply the tiles so they hang past the edge of the ornament. This way, the entire surface gets covered. Cut off excess tile along the edges once glue dries.
Step 6:
Lastly, attach a ribbon for hanging on the tree. With a sharp pencil, poke a hole into the foam at the top of ornament. Stick in the ends of a piece of looped ribbon or string, and hot glue into place. Once hot glue is hardened, your ornament is ready to hang!

..Ambrosia Creative

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