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Project #105: Circus

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 by Irene Hoofs


Circus by Véronique from Pichouline

What you'll need:
*1 cardboard A4
*tape (transparent – masking)
*cord – I used a cotton silver cord
*wooden stick / toothpick


Step 1:
Cut 8 papers strips from the cardboard. The strips are approximately 1 by 29 cm.
Step 2:
Make a round basement for your circus. Tape 2 strips together.
Step 3:
Cut 4 large fence “rail” strips, height +/- 29cm. Glue them on the basement. You will use them to make the roof.
Fold the top of the large strips so that they meet and form a peak. Secure with glue or tape, leaving a small hole for the flag.


Step 4:
Cut 9 small fence “rail” strips, height +/- 4cm.
Glue the fence "rail" strips of cardboard on the basement. Leave one sight open as the entrance of the circus.
Step 5:
Make 1 flag and 2 garlands with the cord, wooden stick and masking tape. To make them, cut 2 lengths of cords and wrap lengths of tape around the cord or stick so that each one sticks to itself. Tape and glue them to decorate the circus.


..Pichouline          ..All images by Véronique

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