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Project #104: Tiny Shadowbox

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 by Irene Hoofs


Tiny Shadowbox by Jennifer Kirk from Ambrosia Creative

Like most kids, my boys are big collectors. While it is easy displaying some of their larger treasures, I've had a hard time finding a solution for some of their tinier findings and these would oftentimes get lost. Here's one idea to store and display little special objects.

What you'll need:
* kraft favor boxes
* colorful paper (the pack I used is from IKEA)
* rope or string
* hot glue gun
* double-sided tape or all-purpose glue


Step 1:
Set aside and save the lids to the boxes for another project. Play around with different configurations of boxes until you're happy with the arrangement.
Step 2:
Choose your paper colors for lining the inside of box. Trace around the outside of the box onto paper to get the box general size and shape. Cut out paper and trim down until it fits nicely inside.
Step 3:
Using a bit of glue or double-sided tape, affix paper to inside of box.
Step 4:
Attach boxes together using a glue-gun.
Step 5:
To make the hanger, cut small holes out of the sides of the topmost box(es). The hole should be about a quarter of an inch from the back of the box. Thread rope or string through (from the outside), knot, and repeat on other side.
Step 6:
Hunt down some tiny treasure to populate your shadow box!


..Ambrosia Creative
..All images by Jennifer Kirk

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