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Project #109 : Mini viewer

Tuesday, 8 May 2012 by Irene Hoofs


Mini viewer by by Véronique from Pichouline

What you'll need:
*matchbox or small cardboard box
*pictures of your kids, family, friends, favourite animals, flowers…anything you want
*straw or wooden stick
*punch, awl or sharp pencil
*scissors or knife
*coloured paper, craft paint or stamps and stamp pad
*tape or masking tape – double-sided tape or glue


Step 1:
Make a paper strip with pictures using a computer program,  print it out.
The height of the strip has to be smaller than the matchbox.

Step 2:
Decorate the front and/or back and sides of the box with paper, paint, stamps or masking tape. Draw a display with a pencil on the front of the box. Cut it out. Make one size open you’ll need it to put the straws with paper strip into the box.


Step 3:
Make 4 holes in the box. Two at each side, opposite each other. You also need to make the holes at the box inside. The holes have to be the same (or little bit larger) than the diameter of your straw or wooden stick. Using a punch is the most easy way to make the hole.

Step 4:
Cut the paper straws, the length has to be bigger than the box.
Roll the paper strip onto the straw, when your at the end you tape the end on the second straw. Close the box.

Let’s turn around the straws and you can see your own movie. Have Fun!


..All images by Véronique

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