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Project #114: Clown party poppers

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 by Irene Hoofs


Clown party poppers by Véronique from Pichouline

what you'll need:
*Cardboard inner from a toilet or kitchen roll
*white and/or coloured crepe paper
*masking tape - tape
*stickers or paper figures
*coloured paper


Step 1 – for the body:
Cut the cardboard of a kitchen roll in small tubes (height +/-5cm).
Cut a square out of the crepe paper of 20 x 20cm.
Wrap the white crepe paper around the cardboard roll and close it on one side with a cord.
Fill up with candy.
Close the other side with a cord so the candy can’t fall out.

Step 2 – for the ruff
Cut a rectangular out of the crepe paper of 20 x +/- 50cm.
Fold the rectangular crepe paper in 2, the top has to be smaller (+/-9cm). Finish the bord of the crepe paper with masking tape.
Put a long cord between the opening of the folded paper, wrinkle the crepe paper along the cord.


Step 3 – for the face
Use stickers or paper figures and glue them on the body. You can also use pencils to draw the face.
Use your imagination, you can also make animals, etc.


Step 4 – for the hat
Cut a square paper of 10 x 10cm. Draw a curve on the paper to make the hat, the most easy way is to use a compasse. If you don’t have this, you can make your own with a pencil with a string tied to it. Hold the end of the string on the corner of the paper and use the pencil to draw a curve on the paper. Cut out.  Roll it into a cone and use tape to seal. Decorate the cone if you want to.

Put the hat onto the top.

Let’s party , pull and Have Fun!


..All images by Véronique

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