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Project #117: Cat and Bat Pins

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 by Irene Hoofs


Cat and Bat pins by Mereta from One More Mushroom

A very warm welcome to Mereta! Our new Craft Contributor for Bkids.We are excited to have you. Mereta’s colorful blog ‘One More Mushroom', is definitely an inspiration to us. And I'm sure the rest of you BloesemKids readers will see why too.

A mother of two children, Mereta’s craft projects are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Her first contribution is this simple and easy but very beautiful cat and bat pin.

What you'll need :
* Small pieces of black and gray felt.
* Embroidery floss in black, gray, white, yellow, and peach.
* Needle
* Scissors


How to make the bat

Step 1:
Cut out the shape of a bat ( 2 Pieces) 
Step 2: 
Sew the eyes in yellow (embroidery) floss, and the mouth of the bat in white.
Step 3: 
Sew the two bat pieces together. Leaving a small opening. 
Step 4:
Stuff the bat with a small amount of batting and sew the bat shut.
Step 5:
Sew the pin on the back of the bat (or you can hot glue it on) and you're done!


How to make the cat

Step 1:
Cut out the shape of the cat face (2 pieces)
Step 2:
Sew the eyes in any color floss you like (I used green). Sew the nose and ears in pink of peach (embroidery) floss. 
Step 3:
Sew the two pieces of the cat face together leaving a small opening.
Step 4:
Fill the cat face wit a small amount of batting and sew it shut.
Step 5:
Sew the pin on the back of the cat's face (or you can hot glue in on)  


And you're all done! Just a simple accesory to style up you're kid's clothes or even school bags.  

..One More Mushroom

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