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Project #119: Winter Forrest Diorama

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 by Irene Hoofs


 An easy craft to make with a cardboard box, duct tape and washi tape.  

  What you'll need: 

* Scissors

* Exacto Knife

* Paper (any color)

* Washi Tapes

* Duct Tape

* Cardboad box or shoe box

* Toys ...example wood animals



Step 1: Pick out a cardboard box for the forrest scene and a thinner box (I used a shoe box) for the trees and other wooded accessories.  

Step 2: Cut the cardboard into any scene you would like, I chose to make a snowy mountainous forrest scene.

Step 3: Cover the front and back of the cardboard diarama in white duct tape.

Step 4: Cut out and cover the trees and the mushrooms in washi tape (you could make flowers and animals too).  I left little tabs at the bottoms of the trees and mushrooms so that I could attach them to the diorama. 

Step 5:   Decorate the forrest diorama however you would like with duct tape, washi tape, and paper.  I used washi tape to make snow caps and a pond.  Attach the trees and mushrooms with small strips of duct tape.  I also used small strips of duct tape to fasten the trees to the mountain.  You're finished!


My children had so much fun playing with the diorama and it makes a great home for all of our wooded forrest animals.  This will make a great holiday decoration too. 


..One More Mushroom

All images by Meta

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