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Project #122: Black Forest Felt Antlers


Felt Antlers by Mereta from One More Mushroom

A cute little addition for a kid's room for that safari feel.

What you'll need:

* 8 x 12 piece of brown wool felt

* 8 x 12 piece of white or cream wool felt

* Needle

* Brown and white thread

* Scissors

* Batting



Step 1: Cut two pieces of the brown felt in the shape of a wood plaque. Cut four pieces of the cream felt in the shape of antlers.

Step 2: Sew together the two pieces of brown felt (you can sew by hand or with a sewing machine). Sew together the four pieces of the cream felt (two separate antlers).  Sew the felt pieces together with as little of a seam as possible. Don't worry about sewing right sides together, it doesn't matter with felt.  

Step 3: Stuff the felt plaque with batting.  Stuff the two antlers with batting (you may want to use a chopstick to stuff the antlers).

Step 4: Sew the felt plaque shut.  

Step 5: With the brown thread on the back of the plaque sew a little hook for hanging.

Stel 6: Trim the end of the antlers slightly at an angle so that the antlers will curve upwards.  Turn the edges of the felt antlers in 1/8 of an inch and stitch onto the felt plaque with the white thread.  

You're finished!


..One More Mushroom

..All images by Meta


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Project #121: Birthday Balloon Brooch


Birthday Balloon Brooch by Véronique from Pichouline

Sometimes a little personalized item makes the day just a little bit more special. Try this tutorial with different colors, shapes and sizes. 


what you'll need:


*textil painter pen



*thread (1 for embroidery, 1 for sewing)







Step 1:

Draw a design on your fabric, follow the instructions of the manufacturer of your textil painter pen. 

Step 2:

Cut out 2 layers of the balloon, you need a front and a back.

Step 3: 

Embroider the "age"-number of your birthday boy/girl on the front of your balloon.

Leave the end of the threads long enough because you will need it to make a bread.

To make the bread attach if necessary an extra thread.


Step 4:

Put right sides of the fabric together and pin the layers together.

Start sewing by hand or machine. Leave the end open.

Turn it right side out. Fill with the filler.

Step 5:

Close your balloon by making a bow.

Step 6:

Make the bread.

Step 7:

Sew on the back your brooch.

Ta-daa……Happy B-day!



..All images by Véronique



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Project #120: Fringe Christmas Streamers


Fringe Christmas streamer by Véronique from Pichouline

I love the shiny foil material and it gives a kitschy shiny look to all your winter festivities….

what you'll need:
*foil ribbon – different colours
*scissors – fringe scissors if you have

Depending on how long you want to make your streamers cut of the length you need. I took +/- 1m.
To make one streamer you will need 3 lengths of ribbon. You can choose the colours you want, I chose silver & pink.


Step 1:
Start cutting fringes on one side, evenly spaced. Leave the center of your ribbon un cut.

Cut fringes on the other side. If you want finish the fringes quicker roll your ribbon, you will need sharp scissors to go through all the layers.

If you want to make sure you don’t cut to far, draw a thin line in the middle as a guideline.

Repeat step 2 on the other two ribbons, make the width of the fringes differently.
Step 2:
Lay the streamers on each other and start twisting 2 or 3 times every cm.

Hang-up your kitschy streamers and let’s enjoy the festivities!



..All images by Véronique

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