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Project #125: Potato stamped baby towel

Tuesday, 29 January 2013 by Irene Hoofs


DIY potato stamped baby towel by Véronique from Pichouline

Lovely present to give for a newborn or just let the siblings make it to welcome the new baby!

You can use it as a swaddle, nursing cover, sheet, towel,….

What you'll need:
*cotton muslin towel/swaddle/wrap
*fabric paint
*foam paint brush or roller


Step 1:Make sure your swaddle lays flat on your table. Use a tablecloth, place mat or paper to make sure the fabric paint won’t make marks on your table.

Step 2:
Think about the design you want to make. I’ve chosen a moon/half circle design in 3 different sizes.
Carve the design in your potato and cut it out with a sharp knife.
It’s easier to use the two ends of your potato because they are easier to hold during stamping. Make sure the depth of the stamp is big enough so you don’t get an imprint of the outline of the potato on your fabric.

Step 3:
Apply your paint on the potato stamp by using a foam paint brush. Try to apply the colour as evenly as possible on the stamp.
After each row, I wiped of the paint of the stamp if there was too much.

Step 4:
Follow the instructions of the manufacturer. I had to do the following:
Let the towels dry for 24 hours. When dry, iron them to ensure the paint will stay put. Make sure you place  a piece of spare fabric or paper between your printed design and the iron to prevent direct contact.

Welcome to the family little one!


..All images by Véronique


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