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Project #128: DIY graphic 3D confetti

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 by Irene Hoofs


DIY graphic 3D confetti by Véronique from Pichouline

Beautiful decoration on your table, wall, gift paper, Christmas tree….you can even make a garland with it!

what you'll need:
* coloured paper
* glue
* pencil
* ruler
* scissors or cutter



Step 1: Make the confetti

If you don’t have round paper, you can make the circles yourself using a compass, radius 4cm (diameter 8cm), cut them out, or use a large punch.


Step 2: Make the graphic 3D banner
The best result you will get when you use paper with different colours on front and back.

Cut out a rectangular of 5 by 10cm.

Draw the lines on the paper, following the template, or print out the template on your paper. You can download the template here. Fold the rectangular in half. Cut along the oblique lines.

Fold it along the dotted lines up, skip a cut. You can choose how you fold it (under or on top the next triangle or on top) try different options.

Glue the banner on your round paper. Cut the edges.



.. Pichouline         
.. All images by Véronique


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