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Project #126: pom-pom insects

Wednesday, 1 May 2013 by Irene Hoofs


Pom-pom insect by Véronique from Pichouline

My three year old loves insects, so for her third birthday I want to make an insect inspired party… because I don’t want to scare the other kids I made some pom- pom insects ...


what you'll need:
* paper
* paper glue
* template of an insect recto and verso, you can download one here
* wool
* round punch
* scissors
* fork


Step 1 – make the pom-pom:
For me this is the fastest way to make pom-poms.

Wrap around the wool around the two outer prongs of a fork until it gets really thick.

If you think it’s thick enough, cut the end of the wool and use a new small piece of thread to bunch the wool together. In the middle of the pom pom make a tight knot. Take your wool off the fork and cut all the loops. Depending of the circumference of your punch you can bring it into shape by trimming it.


Step 2 – insect
Print out the template of the insect, it’s nice to use a template of an insect with a “wooly, round” bottom, like a bumblebee….Keep in mind that you scale the insect, so that your pom-pom fits the insect’s bottom.

Put the two sides on each other.

Glue one side and cut them out. It’s easier to leave one side open so you can put the cord of your pom-pom in between.


Step 3
Make a hole in the bottom of the insect using your punch or scissors.

Put the pom-pom in between and glue the open side of your insect.


Bzzzzz……Let your imagination work…..you can make a cake-topper, garland……


.. Pichouline         
.. All images by Véronique


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