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Project #138: Peter Pan birthday collar

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 by Irene Hoofs


Peter Pan birthday collar by Véronique from Pichouline

I love collars and my little one too, because she doesn’t like wearing a birthday crown I promised her to make an easy Birthday collar…

Also cute for the ladies, no?

what you'll need:
* fabrics / felt & textil painter
* fabric glue
* ribbon / cord
* jump rings
* beads
* stamp
* scissors
* template, you can download it here

Step 1 – ribbon:
Stamp “happy birthday” or another message on your ribbon. The best stamp result you will get when you use a tight weave cotton ribbon.

if you want you can stamp the front & back of your ribbon, I did only the front.

Step 2 - collar:
With this DIY we are not going to sew, so your little one can help easily.

Print out the template of the collar, or design your own, use a t-shirt of your little one to measure the opening.

Pin on your fabrics and cut out. I used felt at the back, which I decorated, of course you can use any other fabric, just make sure the fabric won’t fray.

Put your message ribbon in between, glue the 2 fabrics together on the “wrong” side.


Step 3 - tassel:
Cut a cardboard 4 x 4cm. Before you wrap around the thread cut 1 thread of +/-12 cm, you have to use it later.

Wrap your thread around the cardboard. Cut one end of the wrapped thread with your scissors.

Use the 12cm thread and wrap it around the centre, make a tight knot.

Cut a thread of +/- 12cm in another or the same colour . Tie it around the tassel, make a knot.

If your tassel is too thick you can shorten the middle threads and cover it by the outer threads. If it’s necessary you can trim the tassel to make it even.

Add a jump ring to the center thread.

Attach the tassel to your ribbon with a jump ring.


Step 4 – birthday bead:
Take a wooden bead and stamp or write the age of your little one on it, let it dry for a moment.

Attach it to your tassel, I used a silver crimp bead, so the bead doesn't fall off your thread.


Happy birthday day girls!

All images by Véronique


.. Pichouline         

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